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Hello Hello Hello

Postby Solomon Black on November 13th, 2017, 7:41 pm

Hello, Hello, Hello! Very glad to be here!

You can call me by my account name, Solomon. Or anything else for that matter, with one exception. I do not like being called Soloman... It irks me for very little reason. If you'd rather call me by my actual name over my characters you can call me L or LSD. Everyone I know does.

I started Rping back in 2009 with a a lot of Anime RP sites and eventually moved onto a few sites based around Original content like RPG Haven or such. It's been a lot, but they were usually very action oriented and I'm looking to move into a more story-based Rp style.

I found you guys by way of google.

I'm very much interested in a legitimately good plot worth reading, not just being power hungry. I like action still, but try and give it good purpose alongside real-life. I really like writing the more interesting stories about flawed characters that interact with other PC's and NPC's to grow and improve as a person.

So far I am enjoying the depth of everything here, though is daunting and at first felt restrictive. The restrictiveness gave way to a realized world I can be part of, I just have to care about the world.

I'm hoping to one day to have characters that are part of the life-blood of this collaborative story in their own small ways.

Have a good day!

Peace and love and all that nonsense.
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Hello Hello Hello

Postby Gossamer on November 13th, 2017, 8:04 pm

We moved our chat to Discord. I notice you log on the old chat a lot. It's the #mizahar server.


Very nice intro. I look forward to reading your work on the boards.

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