Hello folks!

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Hello folks!

Postby Mostro Mirrorsbane on December 7th, 2017, 12:19 am

Hey, everyone! Pleased to meet you all!

I have been reading a bit of this website's lore for a few days, ever since I found it. I must say I am quite impressed (even if it does look a bit daunting). Still, I look forward to get started!

I am not entirely new to online RPing, but I am a growing amateur when it comes to writing. Hopefully I can improve over my time here!

Perhaps I should also explain how I found Mizahar. This is a mildly tragic tale:

I used to force myself to write at least 1 page per day for a long gamebook I was working on. It was somewhat difficult to keep up, but I felt good when I really got into it. Little did I know that in one of the weekends at my father's house, his dog would break my pen drive and thus lose me much of my gamebook (and other lesser college files) forever. Ever since, my 1 page a day rhythm has been broken, and I haven't felt much like turning back to my own fictional world.

In short, I felt like writing, I just didn't know what. So I set out to find roleplaying websites, and this one certainly earned my interest.

After creating many confident, battle-hardened warriors and witty thieves, I decided that I'd like to play an insecure, deformed, orphaned hunchback without a clear purpose besides accepting himself.

As a quick note: My pc might not be able to interact much so soon, since I am at my semester's final stage in terms of tests and presentations. I just figured I'd introduce myself in the meantime.

PS: Apologies for the sudden wall of text. Intros should probably be much shorter :P
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