Server Fees & Donation Time!

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Server Fees & Donation Time!

Postby Gossamer on January 28th, 2018, 9:43 pm


I usually forget to talk about this but since we have so many new people one of them kindly asked me so I decided we probably needed to do a fund raiser again!

Mizahar runs off donations. We don't require payment in any way shape or form nor do you get anything from donating to us. Some sites only let you have custom avatars and signatures if you donate. When we opened Mizahar, we promised we will always be free! And we are. However, we still have bills like anyone else. Our costs are roughly $50 a month in US to keep the doors open. Then we pay domain fees each year that equate to roughly $80 though we could cut those down a bit because we probably don't need .us, .net, etc.

Anyhow, if you have spare change, feel free to donate some to Mizahar to refill our coffers for the new 2018 year. We used to make one big payment in Feb/March because our provider would give us a discount coupon about this time. However, times are tough and they've cut down on the coupons so we aren't getting a break. Tarot is paying month to month on site fees.

Last year, by just a quick glance, we got about $210 (I like counted in my head so don't shoot me if I'm off - you can count too) in donations to cover $600 ($50x12) in Server Fees. Some of that has to be made up out of pocket. This year I'm hoping we can come a bit closer! We have a lot of players so if everyone gave just a few bucks (and get a nifty donate medal for $5 or over - you know you want one of those - they are collector items!) we can hit that mark without anyone having to donate an arm and a leg.

So if you look at the top of the page there is a HELP US button. It lists a ton of ways to help us keep going as a site. One of those ways is a Paypal account you can donate too.

Here's the direct link:

Remember, no one has to donate! This site is dedicated to being free. But if you can pitch in a few bucks, please do so. And if you can't atm, but can later... its just as useful later as it is now. There's utter transparency so you can see who's donating and what (or you can donate anonymously) - and see that we are completely and utterly not getting rich off this endeavor. In fact, if anything, this proves we are craptastic at business!

So... that's it. That's my annual begging plea! Please donate if you can and if you see someone has thank them profusely! I mean who can resist that utterly awesome medal and the fact it keeps Miz running right?


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