I'm Tofit the traveling Silk Merchant

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I'm Tofit the traveling Silk Merchant

Postby tofit on April 1st, 2018, 1:03 pm

I'm Tofit, I'm a traveling silk merchant. I travel from place to place and setup my shop in the town square. I found this forum because I'm on a quest to find priests, monks, wizards and enchantresses who can help me enchant my silk wares.

You see Silk is a magical substance it carries magic very well. When moisturized by the skin it let's off a light ionic charge. It's the spiritual aura of the silkworm.

My secondary quest is to setup shop here in Mizahar. I'm going to need an enchanting shop. If any of you write poetry or songs, I'd love to hear a song or poem about silk. Silk is how I make my gold, so I carry the silkworm eggs in my bag. Does anyone around here know where I can find a mulberry tree?
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I'm Tofit the traveling Silk Merchant

Postby Alwyn Seapearl on April 1st, 2018, 2:15 pm

Hey, Tofit. Welcome to Mizahar.

It seems you're pretty interested in writing with us, which is awesome. Unfortunately I can't show you to a mulberry tree because I don't know where one is, but I can say that you should read your welcome PM and join the Mizahar discord ( https://discord.gg/6XsZq8u ) when you can.
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