Good morning

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Drop on by, introduce yourself, and let us know how you found us. In addition, don't be afraid to tell us what you'd like to get out of your Mizahar experience. Check out the stickies for more information.

Good morning

Postby Solaine Wess on June 9th, 2018, 3:10 pm

Good morning ladies and gentlemen, or gentle ladies, we're not here to judge. Anyhow, I'm new here, clearly. So, I thought I would stop by and throw myself into the fray so to speak, by saying hello.
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Good morning

Postby Gossamer on June 9th, 2018, 3:37 pm

Welcome to Mizahar. If you need help getting started or just want to chat, feel free to use the link to our discord chat in your welcome PM (not the chat button up above) to join us. Folks there can help you get started or answer any questions you might have in real time. :)


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