Standard Introduction.

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Standard Introduction.

Postby Arinel on November 1st, 2018, 11:15 pm

Hi everyone :D

I am excited to get started here! Ive been looking over the lore for weeks and weeks! I am bit nervous to get started, as this is one of the most detailed places I have visited. Anyways...

I am Arinel, or you can call me Sam or Ari. I found you guys through endless scowering of RP directory sites that link to different RP forums. I like happy things and tea. I am big on meditation and balance irl, and I am sure my personality OOC is going to influence Arinel (plz forgive me) as I figure out how best to play her.

Ari here is a konti, fresh off the island of Mura! Fitting for someone who is fresh in the world of Mizahar. She enjoys cooking and helping people. She is kind of a bleeding heart, and so far there is a lot of me in her... Hopefully she will grow into her own character.

Some of my goals for Arinel is to further master her abilities as a Konti, and discover just how powerful a seer and a healer she can be. I hope she is a positive and grounding energy for those in need ^.^

I have only been a part of a few RP forums in the past. Mostly one shots and the only thing I have been a part of that has had a dedicated world was the Gifted RP. I also do D&D on the weekends! So Tabletop is what I have most experience in... But I have always loved to write.

I hope that this can be a fun place to explore.

Thanks for having me. :D :embarrassed:
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