Just a wanderer

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Just a wanderer

Postby Lumina Alkori on December 22nd, 2018, 8:23 am

after sitting here looking at this trying to do a intro i just decided to answer the questions that were posted, XD.

1. Lumina or any variation of such
2. done it all, forum, pnp, freeform.
3. random search on bing
4. Depends on the genre of rp, sometimes i like things to be rigid and structured, others freeform
5. I would rather keep this to myself, removing things that you wont rp with can cheapen things.
6. Can't say yet
7. Joined alone which in the past has not ended well for me.
8. a grand adventure and story
9. Not yet but I'm sure questions will arise.
10. if you anyone has questions for me feel free to ask.
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