And here we are...

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And here we are...

Postby Uerta on February 16th, 2019, 8:09 pm

Greetings and salutations everyone, Miar here!
Or as most call me elsewhere: Park. It's not my real name but many call me such IRL as well. I am just your ordinary person who has a few years of tabletop and chat RP experience. So I am barely a novice player and quite new to forums where my general experience is hanging around people who spend more time on them than me.
Also it's Belugnir's fault I am here. So blame him. :nod:

The RP I have done before this is, as stated before, mainly tabletop in the form of DnD and some local ones for my country (Sweden) of varying themes. Found fantasy and medieval to far more interesting than future/tech themed.
Which leads me to Mizahar... Which I am entering with a lack of proper plans and as few hopes as possible, to try and leave the future open you know? A PC for the world, not a world for the PC.
Looking forward to seeing what happens in my time here, hopefully it will last long!
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