[Poll] Going Forward - What Do The Players Want?

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[Poll] Going Forward - What Do The Players Want?

Postby Robynson on June 16th, 2011, 5:38 pm

I just want to thank you for this response Gossamer. I completely agree with all the points that you have said. I am going to make this response concise, because I have problems with over writing for some posts. I just start typing and typing and typing and I just come out as an a-hole sometimes. Please, don’t misunderstand me because I am not pretentious or trying to be an internet bully or whatever you call it.

That being said, I understand the errors of my way. I finally realized that I have been acting like one of douchbags that assume and do not read enough before posting. I don't want to be like one of those guys. I am going to change my ways and learn by the numbers.

I should not have done what I did, because it was very reckless and ignorant. I should have paid more attention and recognized it. I apologize. If you want PM me and I will take down that post, no worries. 100% real talk. Not sucking up. I want to just forget this.

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[Poll] Going Forward - What Do The Players Want?

Postby Reaver on June 16th, 2011, 6:59 pm

First on my list, I like to see things move without me moving them. Pretty simple, eh? I also like to see things move WHEN I try moving them. 'Things' is very generic. Plots, stories, events, conversations, people, cities, culture... things being all the things. I like to both be able to move things, and watch things move. It makes me capable of being important, but not a requirement.

I like to see variety, but Mizahar already has plenty. But I'm a sucker for MORE! I always want more, even if I can't handle more. Just look at my Oblivion game, can't even run proper without crashing from being overloaded. Sucks, but I do what I can to deal with it... because I want more! More gods, people, good guys, bad guys, secrets, small plots, large plots, I think it's clear.

That's my opinions, the pluses and minuses. I listed them in order of priority to me, though I hope you can understand my reasoning as well.
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[Poll] Going Forward - What Do The Players Want?

Postby Venidus Larkspur on June 28th, 2011, 10:00 pm

Sorry that this turned out to be a large post! This perspective is also coming from a very limited time role-playing here.

Epic Plot Lines:

I personally find Epic Plot Lines to be very rewarding and interesting to partake in. Non-epic threads I feel are great for meeting folks and developing characters but having access to epic plot lines in which you can really make a mark on the world is great. I also feel like Epic Plot Lines can draw together a wide range of player interests (combat, non-combat, character development, etc) and get people RPing with people they may not have had the chance to before.

City Interaction:

I feel that this could mean a couple of things... and I like all of them! City interacting with city could lead to some aforementioned epic plots. Say that Zeltiva puts an embargo on Ravok. This could lead to an epic quest where characters try to smuggle in goods or infiltrate the government and change policy. This leads me to the second way I interpreted this! Characters interacting with cities more and holding office could be interesting. I am sure these opportunities exist and I am fairly certain that people hold positions of power in cities but making these opportunities more available/more clearly available could open up doors for political threads and create fulfilling non-combat RP.

Divine Interaction/Intervention:

I love how personal the gods and goddesses are in the lore. Sagallius and Myri were humans... I just think that is the coolest thing! Seeing the pantheon of Mizahar gods appearing randomly (A wild Priskil appears!) in threads and perhaps trying to recruit followers (in disguise) who would fit into their values would be interesting. I think that direct divine interactions should still be rare because if the god’s just show up everywhere it wouldn’t be special or significant, but seeing them put things into motion (even indirectly) more often would be cool. I feel this could tie in well to epic plots and how cities interact.

More (enter anything here) Organizations:

I voted for the protagonist, antagonist, non-combat, religious, and secret organization options. I don’t necessarily feel that the staff needs to do any more on this front because players can really drive this part. I know the Consortia is where created organizations go, but maybe a designated sub forum for recruitment would be perfect. I have a voice in the back of my head telling me this exists, and if this is the case, please forgive my insolence.

Small Scale Plots that Tie into Larger Ones:

I just see this as a good way to execute epic plotlines. Also, perhaps DMs and GMs moderating threads could introduce characters to each other that they feel could have dynamic/interesting interactions (friend or foe) by connecting the plots of two threads they are moderating.

Battles Between Gods:

This pretty much goes along with and supplements all the previous ideas. God battles could have significant affects on the people and land of Mizahar (creating animosity between races and similar things). Organizations could be formed as a result of these battles and these organizations could then conflict with one another. This doesn’t necessarily mean violence either. They could vie for political power in cities and such.

Business Opportunities:

I didn’t vote for this, but looking back, I actually would have voted for this. Some of the things on the price list are very expensive and could lead to very fun gameplay (structures and ships mainly). I generally make my characters in a way where I can avoid having to deal with it because I personally don’t find money adds much to my experience, but I totally understand why this is important for others and regret not voting for it.

Side NoteAt first I thought the violence part was sarcastic, but after reading other people’s comments... I can’t tell! In all other RP sites I’ve been on, there are generally way too many villains and way too much violence. I love both but tend to make characters that are the opposite in order to help balance the environment. Are more villains/violence truly needed? I am in the middle of writing up my next character and I guess I will make him pretty evil... should be fun!

If there is anything I can do to help with any of the things I mentioned, I would be happy to even though I haven't been playing long enough to be a staff member.
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