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AnnaBelle Trenze

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AnnaBelle Trenze

Serving Girl
Date of birth494 AV (aged 29)
Place of birthRavok
TitleServing Girl at The Spot

AnnaBelle, or Anna as she prefers to be called, is a young girl who originally started working at The Spot when she was only thirteen years old. Her parents died when she was very young, and she got her job after meeting Bohir Adams, who took pity on her due to the fact that she was the same age he had been when his own parents passed away. Also, she was exceptionally good at convincing him to give her money, and the young business owner figured that he'd might as well put that skill to good use. She also apparently had a small talent for cooking, something he was certain he could find a use for as well.

Anna has worked at The Spot for several years, and still remembers it before the attack by The Rising Dawn. She is glad that the tavern is thriving, but often years for the slow days she used to spend with Bohir. It is a well known rumor that Bohir and Anna are an item, though neither of them will confirm or deny that rumor.

Anna is not a flirty as her co-worker, Alice Lark, but will do whatever it takes to get as many mizas out of her customers as possible. Unlike Alice, Anna has been known to go home with her customers as well. One can only guess what happens behind those closed doors, but Anna always returns the next day with her pouch bulging with mizas. She is young, determined, and willing to do anything to get ahead.