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Clyde Sullins

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Clyde Sullins

Clyde Sullins
Date of birth493 AV (aged 26)
Place of birthSyliras
Gnosis marks

Clyde Sullins is a Human Wizard born in Syliras. He calls the city of Ravok his home, though he has lived in and visits other places. He has been a student at The Institute of Higher Learning in Ravok, a soldier of the Ebonstryfe, a ranked Wizard on Sahova, a Glyphing instructor in Zeltiva, a Reimancer in Nyka, and more recently a Magecrafter in Syliras.

Physical description

Clyde is a very tall and gangly man, with a rather stretched out look, with long thin fingers and toes. He has brown hair which comes to the bottom of his ears, and is rather unruly, always sticking up in various areas, especially in the back. He tries to shave regularly, though it is not uncommon to see him with several days of facial growth while he is working on something. He has striking sky blue eyes, which are very distinct. He also usually has a decently tanned skin, as he prefers to train outside, near nature, and not inside like many people.


Clyde grew up mostly in Syliras, living in the citadel, with his parents. His father was skilled in magic, and passed it onto him, though for obvious reasons, was not able to use it much in Syliras. As he learned the various skills, he started spending a lot of time outside of the city so a to train by himself and away from anything he could damage. This has tended to estrange him from others, and did not give him a lot of chance to make friends.

During one of his training sessions, he was attacked by an old man who used magic on him, stripping him of his memories of magic, and making him think magic was not real, more or less taking away his ability for magic.

This embittered him against Syliras, and for this reason and others, he grew to hate the city. As soon as he was old enough, he left on bad terms, to see the world, and get away from the city he had grown to hate.

First he went to Zeltiva, a city with a school of magic, but he did not stay but a few years. Next he ended up in another place known for magic, Sahova, but he also did not stay there.

Finally he ended up heading to Ravok, a place known for evil and chaos. But Clyde did not see it that way. All he saw was its temperate climate, a place reasonably accepting of magic, were he was given an opportunity to use his magic and his skills at the Institute, to grow and to make his mark. It is not surprising that in his hatred for Syliras, he would find Ravok such a good fit for himself... That he would come to appreciate it, and enjoy living there, as much as he hated living and having his skills repressed in Syliras...

So it was that he found he planned to stay in Ravok, made endeavors to make a living and use his skills to make a living, and possibly even make it possible to be a wealthy person in the future... All thanks to Ravok... A city were even his magic was returned to him, and his memories of it, allowing him to once more be the wizard he had been before.

All the while he was slowly sliding into chaos and evil himself, without realizing it. He grew more and more to want to prove himself, to prove his loyalty to the city. For it had done nothing but good for him, as the hated city of Syliras seemed from his perspective to have done nothing but bad.

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