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Coglias Clan

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Coglias Clan

Coglias Clan: Might Makes Right
Height5' both male and female
WeightMales: 250-300lbs, Females: 200-250lbs
Lifespan200 years
Major featuresPale blue skin veined in silver, green metallic/emerald arms
AbilitiesNightvision, dense flesh and bone, innate crafting ability
PopulationAround 2,500
Most common inPrimarily in the mountains of Kalea, Coglias Clan Citadel
ReputationWarriors, Defenders, Body Builders
Racial godsIzurdin, God of Strength, Patience and Industry

The Coglias clan has traditionally been the protectors of the Isurian race. Many of the Coglias clan can be found serving in the Isurian military. It is said that after the Valterrian, it was the legendary, Lord Myrian Coglias himself who single-handedly defeated a powerful minion of the dark gods and then laid claim to the mountain that would come to house the Coglias citadel. Even today, Coglias soldiers are some of the fiercest fighters and most disciplined officers in the Isurian military.



The Coglias clan was founded Lord Ventar Brutalias Coglias, a member of the first generation of Isur. Ventar was the first Isur to fully realize the physical potential of the Isurian race when he defeated an ancient, legendary beast that had laid claim to the land that would become the first Isurian city of Izurith. When scouting party aplenty had fallen to some unknown force, Ventar himself led the then rather small, Isurian army against it. The beast, its name lost in time, crippled the army and left all of the survivors save for Ventar, retreating for their lives. Ventar challenged the beast one-on-one and after days of ruthless, earth-shattering combat, stood upon the body of the monster in triumph. The Isur settled the territory and Izurith was born.

From then on, the Isur of all clans, became obsessed with physical perfection but none more than the Coglias clan. Attempting to mirror the qualities possessed by their first lord, the clan grew into the unchallenged defenders of the Isurian race. Izurdin's Hammer was established as the primary defense force of the Isur with members of all clans forming its ranks. Coglias Isur however stood out from their brethren as the commanders and elite troops.

Following the Valterrian, Lord Myrian Coglias, leader of the clan at that time, led his clan in defense of his race as they fled Izurith for a new home. As the kingdom rebuilt, Myrian repeated history by defeating a terrible creature of chaos in order to lay claim to the mountain that would house the Coglias Citadel. Viewed by many to be Ventar reborn, Myrian brought about the bloodline that would rule the clan ever since.

Vital Statistics

Physical Appearance

Like the rest of their race, Coglias Isur tend to be short, tallest of five feet. They are very fit with a muscular build that makes them more imposing that their height would otherwise dictate. Unlike other Isur however, Coglias males weigh between 250 and 300 pounds with females weighing between 200 to 250 pounds. This is due to the intense physical training, above and beyond most other Isur, that all Coglias Isur engage in from the earliest of ages. Their skin is very dense as is their bones making them heavier than their stature would otherwise dictate. Their skin carries a slight blue tint with raised silver veins running across it. Like all Isur, those of the Coglias clan keep their hair short and those with longer hair almost always tie it back.

The Coglias arm, left for males, right for females, is denser in skin and bone than the rest of their body and is colored green; appearing as emerald gems or metal streaked with silver veins, these arms are divine in origin as they are in themselves, the first gnosis mark of Izurdin. Dense enough and baring an iron grip, their hand and arm is capable of shaping metal and carving stone and wood. Like other Isur, when faced with physical combat, Coglias Isur often use their arms as shields in combat and have been known to grab bare blades without suffering harm. While few Isur back down from a challenge, the Coglias will never do so. They are the most aggressive of all Isur and will charge head-long into battle with their bare hands if the need arises.

Traits, Outlook and Values, Etc.

While sharing traits common to all Isur, those of the Coglias clan are more considered to be, both by others and themselves, to be a little hot-headed and quick to judge. They see everyone not of Isur decent to be weak and either in need of defending or destroyed. When it comes to loyalty, Coglias clan members are by and large, concerned with the defense of their race and the Kingdom as a whole. If a challenge arises, Coglias Isur will usually hit first and if that doesn't work, hit again before asking questions.

Members of the Coglias clan are extremely physical and will train their bodies to extremes that even other Isur may think twice about. The Izurdin's Hammer, the Isurian Military, is made up primarily of Coglias Isur. While all clan citadels maintain their own defense force, the Hammer works on behalf of the entire Kingdom. They defend the Isur from outside threats; raiders, wild beasts, monsters and any other threat that may endanger the people. Because of their martial skill and power, the Coglias clan is often the target of manipulation by the Pitrius Clan and the Sultros Clan who both vie for control of the Council of Five.

While highly devoted to Izurdin, Coglias Isur have been known to maintain marks from other gods and goddesses if it serves to increase their physical presence.

Everyday life for a Coglias Isur includes intense physical training whenever possible along with constant tests of might; wrestling being the primary source of such tests. Coglias Isur hold regular wrestling tournaments to determine who is the strongest and most normal conflicts are resolved via a wrestling match.