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Dawn House

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Dawn House

Dawn Tower Insignia

Following in the footsteps of their ancestors, the Dawn House were one of the three original leading families of the Kao'tani tribe preceding the Valterrian. They hailed from the lands of Kalea, when the Misty Peaks had not existed and their lives revolved around a civilization built beside the sea. The Dawn family were famed for their exceptional and practical use of Reimancy, and were looked upon as being unique for they were the only magicians of the Kao'tani tribe to not use a magic discipline that did not involve the body or soul. Much of the Dawn family revolved around all the elements, but such risks resulted in many premature deaths not easily forgotten.

The members of the Dawn House have always been regarded as pragmatic and hard-working. Despite their use of such a volatile artform, they have tempered their minds and cultivated their djed through extensive meditation. Of the three families, the Dawn are respected for their dedication, their trustworthiness and their willingness to take risks. They often butt heads with the Twilight House, having drastically different views in terms of the ethics and morality regarding magic, though with the passing of Weisur Twilight their relationship has undergone a radical change.


Today, the Dawn family are the basis of construction in Lhavit. They fight the proverbial fires. For those seeking separate lessons in different magical disciplines, Sousa Dawn often refers her students to the wealthy, independent Elena Lariat, in order to learn the invaluable practice of Shielding. It is also curious to note that the Dawn Tower is the only Tower to house the first Matriarch, as Sousa's father bore no sons.

Any member of the Dawn family are treated with the utmost respect and honor, for they have sacrificed their lives time and again for the benefit of the people. Even Sousa Dawn can been seen out with her team of reimancers, putting out wildfires and unearthing people from cave-ins.

Notable Members

Rieje Dawn - Former Patriarch of the Dawn Tower, noted Reimancer, father of Sousa, Hitori, Yana and Lhieli. (Deceased)

Tyela Dawn - Wife to Rieje Dawn, famed Healer, mother of Sousa, Hitori, Yana and Lhieli. (Deceased)

Sousa Dawn - Current Matriarch.

Hitori Dawn - Younger sister to Sousa by three years, lead instructor of Reimancy at the tower. Hitori has mastered all four elements and has experience with several of the para-elements.

Yana Dawn - Younger sister to Sousa by five years. Yana heads Sousa's team of elite reimancers.

Lhieli - Younger sister to Sousa by eight years, Reimancy instructor and avid painter.