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Image:Scroll2.png "I hereby declare you, Hiarisspanyin, Head Priestess. I trust with you the power to raise the spirits of your people, and guide them towards the ultimate victory. I will be watching…”
- Siku
RaceDhani (Constrictor)
Date of birth359 AV (aged 164)
Place of birthZinrah
TitleHead Priestess
Gnosis marks

Hiarisspanyin, Head Priestess in Zinrah, and daughter to Sshnahiari, the Head Priestess before Sspanyin, is the voice of Siku in the constrictor nest when the Goddess herself is absent. Caught between the power struggles of her mother, cousin, and any other Queen with her eyes on the throne, Sspanyin retreats to the ultimate power in sanctuary, Siku’s Shrine. Weaving her own webs, pulling her own strings, Sspanyin does what she can to avoid the critical eyes of her peers, while seeking enlightenment. Truth is, she’s in this too, for herself above all others.



Hiarisspanyin shares many of her mother’s traits. They have the same sharp eyes, high cheek bones, dark hair, broad forehead, thin face, and wide hips... Sspanyin is an example of what her mother once was, adding her personal flare. The harder Sspanyin tries, the more it seems she’s pulled under her mother’s shadow. Truth be told, she is very much her own woman. She values silver for its appearance, and adorned herself in jewels made of silver, imbedded with emeralds, while Snhamtanabis is in gold. During special ceremonies she has her own array of additional garments and relics to dress herself in. Her scales match her hair and eyes, both black as night and bright as the sun in biological balance.


Being the daughter of such a power hungering woman, Sspanyin is faced with conflict. There is a loyalty to her mother, but similarly her cousin the Queen too. As much as she wishes to be her own person, she finds herself trapped by her lingering mother. She feels ashamed at times when she finds herself mimicking Hiari’s own personality, parts of herself she has learned and inherited. Sspanyin is truly a gifted listener though. She has infinite patience and wisdom beyond her years. She uses these tools in her pursuits of enlightenment and pleasure alike. When she’s not in the Shrine praying to her mother Goddess, she’s roaming the nest for the next consort to grace her presence – a challenge in itself for any male daring to tread that path. Sspanyin is picky with males, and is known to undergo rather ridiculous tests of strength and wit to find the ones that best suit her, as if she were looking for a life partner. Silly when she could have any man she wants, no? Alas, she seeks stability, especially with someone as unpredictable as her mother with her scheming…

Sspanyin is pulled in many directions. Though Sspanyin would directly benefit from her mother assuming the throne, the Head Priestess sees great potential in Tanabis, something she credits to herself. When the Dhani were young, Queen and Priestess used to play. As Tanabis was being groomed for the throne, and Sspaynin priesthood, the two were often left to themselves to play and learn. Sspanyin, two decades Tanabis’s senior, taught the upcoming Queen how to wrestle, speak, and seduce. Today, Tanabis has surpassed Sspanyin’s many skills, though the Priestess is only further humbled when her cousin is compared to her. Though she took the gold, it’s only because of Sspanyin she had succeeded, or so she believes. Tanabis does too, in some respects, as evident in their still close relationship today. If neither was distracted by her own responsibilities, they would be inseparable.

Though only thrice marked by Siku, Sspanyin and the Goddess share a connection as meaningful as Tanabis’s, a champion. Sspanyin’s efforts maintain spiritual strength and faith in Zinrah’s nest. She is approachable for all matters of the mind or spirit. Priestesses especially look up to her for guidance. It’s clear to them all that none of them could ever surpass Sspanyin for the title of Head Priestess. Hiari molded her daughter all too well.

Magic and Abilities

”I seek equilibrium within. What say you, or you are too fooled by the politics of mortals?”

Zinrah’s Queen wields the power to push and break the mind. Sspanyin possesses such power of her own, in a more subtle fashion. Her auristic ability is a closely guarded secret she uses to read people and keep herself away from the drama of the nest. Not even Tanabis knows about it; no one does, well no one except… Through use of this magic, Sspanyin keeps herself in good company between her mother and cousin. In many ways, it also helps her in spiritual events to ensure the nest is in synch, and the prey on the altar is suffering beyond compare. In all, Sspanyin’s approach is well appreciated by Siku.


Sspanyin is caught between the political strife of her mother, Hiari, and cousin Tanabis. She loves them both dearly, and applauds efforts on both sides, but realizes the true power lies with the divine. Sspanyin bides her time, waiting for the moment when either side will give in. With a word here, and gesture there, Sspanyin could restore the balance, or tip it in the favor of the other. It’s all a very delicate matter, and it troubles her at times that she uses her family as pawns in her own grand plans, but the fact is they are indeed grand.

Hiarisspanyin’s Appearances
heightSiku’s ShrineWork and Worship.