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Image:Scroll2.png "I sometimes worry for my cousin. My mother seems extremely intent on usurping the throne. Rather ironic for a woman who loathes Myri so much, don’t you think? ”
- Hiarisspanyin, Head Priestess in Zinrah
RaceDhani (Constrictor)
Date of birth234 AV (aged 289)
Place of birthZinrah
TitleFormerly: Head Priestess, Queen Regent; Presently Queen, lesser
Gnosis marks

Sshnahiari is most notably the former Head Priestess, and more notably yet, the former Queen Regent. If not for Snhamtanabis’s aptitude for the crown, Hiari would have inherited the throne. Despite being a Dhani of an age long since passed, Sshnahiari is known for her wisdom and experience in Falyndar. She welcomes those who seek her council, and seeks to expand her network of friends and other connections. What Zinrah doesn’t see is how she covets Tanabis, her throne, and her power.


Sshnahiari is well kept for a woman of her age, courtesy of Tanabis and their family relation. Her dark locks and sharp features exhibit an eternal beauty about her. Hiari, although past her prime, still has some fight left in her. Her time serving as Head Priestess and Queen Regent have taken their toll on her body though. A pastime of wrestling was never enough for Hiari, and found her strengths in politics. Her powerful voice, rich in tone, is her weapon of choice. Thus, a rather passive life has left Hiari physically weaker than most of her kin. Make no error, for her silver tongue can be just as deadly for those he cross her. Remember that network of hers…?

Her scales are patterns of black and white, ironically suiting her two sided nature. It doesn’t do justice when it comes to how many gray area she treads on, however.


Two-faced to the extreme, Sshnahiari does all she can to make herself appear as the most powerful and wise Dhani in Zinrah, besides the Queen herself… No one ever hears her fits and scandals behind the scenes though, well, with the exception of her daughter, Hiarisspanyin. Hiari is vicious and unrelenting in her own way. Playing the part of a mother figure or wise woman, she welcomes any she can to serve her out of respect. Should that fail, she has her way to convince a difficult individual. She can smooth talk some, others request a bit of negotiation to find a middle ground. Intimidation and threats are not above this Dhani either, though. It all goes back to who she knows, and she knows just about everyone in the nest.

Hiari’s yearning for the throne is the dominant part of her personality, for how little people hear or see of it. It’s not that she hates Tanabis for succeeding as Queen, she just… okay so maybe she hates, her, no big deal! People hate people all the time. Hiari puts on the fake smile, rubs Tanabis’s shoulder, and starts flickering her snake tongue till the hunters come home if that’s what it takes to get her two cents out there. Hiari is overly generous with her wisdom when it comes to Tanabis, hoping to influence the young Queen’s motives and actions. Ultimately, Hiari would like to be rid of Tanabis, for good. In her mind, it’s the plot of the century, overthrowing the Queen of Zinrah overnight. Little to Hiari’s knowledge, however, she’s already told Tanabis of this plot several times… mind you, the Queen is an avidly skilled hypnotist. The Queen makes her own adjustments as necessary to keep herself and Hiari amused. The only fact in the whole matter is that the only thing preventing Hiari from taking Tanabis out herself is her physical incompetence to the Queen.

”Not everything is black and white…”

The only thing which rivals Hiari’s hatred for Tanabis is her utter loathing for Myri. Her story and song are disgusting to her. It reminds her too much of how Tanabis, in her own way, stole the throne from her. She does share equal hatred for the Myrians which all Dhani do. Being boxed in at all fronts does that to a person though.


Sshnahiari has several daughters, her favored being Hiarisspanyin. Sspanyin’s title as Head Priestess didn’t come out of chance. Her daughter was handpicked from the rest for her loyalty and agreeability with her mother. She sat at her side when Hiari was Head Priestess, when she was Queen Regent, and does now as Hiari plots and schemes. Then there’s Hiari’s niece, Snhamtanabis, Queen of Zinrah, who she all but adores.

Sshnahiari’s Appearances