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Lars Varkas

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Lars Varkas

Mage of Riverfall
Date of birth395 AV (aged 128)
Place of birthRiverfall
TitleMage of Riverfall


Lars Varakas and his dark brother Kavin Varakas are in charge of Riverfall's internal structure and maintenance. The Varakas family has since the beginning of Riverfall been instrumental in molding the city and making sure that its functioned as a fortified Akalak stronghold perched high on its three thousand foot cliff where the Blue Vein River takes its plunge into the Suvan Sea. Lars is an extremely charismatic Akalak, well balanced, in that his dark brother or himself could be present at any given time without issues and without violence. Lars pretty much knows everyone in the city and often takes special requests, helping new families expand inward and outward both, merging Earth Reimancy with other Water and Air to make the denizens of Riverfall comfortable and happy. As such, Lars has quite a few contacts and often takes apprentices in all elements or contracts out to do private non-city specified work or teach on an individual basis. Lars has three sons (Kindu, Lartas), one of which is an Akontak (Suskan), and a Konti daughter who all live with him. His sons carry on his work with the city itself while his daughter Rachella has a special interest in Architecture and tends to work on Riverfall's docks constantly improving them and maintaining them. Lars lives with Lanas Aswin, an important artisan (jeweler) and brother to the Oathmaster, and their Nakivak Nivasa whom has given the two men seven children to date. Lars and Tanival live on the Varkas Estate which is within the city overlooking the Suvan on the top tier. Potential clients and students can seek him there as well as talk to Tanival or Savak, Tanival's dark brother, for jewelcrafting work or apprenticeships.