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Taloban Army

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"Long live the Goddess-Queen Myri!"

Aside from the Syliran Knights, the Taloban Army is the largest standing army in Mizahar. The army was created shortly after the Valterrian in efforts to protect Taloba and reclaim all of Falyndar for Myri and her people. Service in the military is required of all Myrians. The Goddess-Queen and the Council of Nine govern the actions of the branches.


Army Statistics

At its peak it stood at 5,500 trained warriors, but the destruction wreaked by the Djed Storm of 512AV reduced them to around 4,500, hundreds of them killed or simply vanishing at the Zinrah Blockade. Since then both the Council of Nine and the Goddess-Queen herself have launched a recruiting drive, both to regain the numbers lost and prepare the Myrian people for what many see as an inevitable and looming conflict.

Allies and Enemies

The Taloban Army takes pride in their lack of allies, believing them to be unnecessary in their cause. Although outsiders are mistrusted, they are not attacked on sight unless they are Zith, Symenestras, Charoda, or Dhani. Dhani have been the major target of the Army since they made their existence known. The Army mans the Zinrah Blockade with fervor and hopes to one day oust the serpent scourge.

Mandatory Service

All pureblooded Myrians are required to complete three years in the army prior to their Blooding Ceremony. This service can start at the young age of 16, although a Myrian can wait until they are ready to join the army. There are many reasons that a Myrian may have to wait to serve, including family responsibilities, lack of skill, etc. The Blooding Ceremony varies from Clan to Clan, but it tends to be the ceremony where they receive their 1st Prowess mark from Myri.

Military Ranking

The following includes the ranking system and requirements of the Taloban Army. At present, women hold all superior ranks. Men that show potential may be moved up through the ranks, but it may be more difficult for them to do so.


Rekruts make up the bulk of the army. They hold no powerful position and generally make up Fangs that are led by prominent Tokoh. Any Myrian sixteen years and older can be a Rekrut for any amount of time but all Myrians must serve at least three years. Outsiders and Half-breeds that have shown their loyalty to Taloba may join the army. They have a much more difficult time advancing to higher positions.

There are no necessary skills to become a Rekrut.


Tokoh are Fang Leaders. Generally, they are more skilled in combat and have proven themselves in specific ways (contests, quests, trials, etc.) to become Fang Tokoh. They do not have to justify their actions to Rekruts, but do have to report to the ranks above them. A single Tokoh reports to a single Panglima. Their fang must answer the call if a Panglima summons together a War Party.

Prior to becoming a Tokoh, the soldier must have spent at least a season in the military. To become a Tokoh, the PC needs to attain the skill level of Competent in 3 and Novice (Skill Level of 10) in 1 of the following requirements:

And Competent in one of the following requirements:

Before a Tokoh can move up to Panglima, they must attain 1 Prowess mark from Myri. This is not required to become a Tokoh as one can gain it during their service.


Panglimas are Tokoh that have advanced to the next level. Still in control of their own fang, they are also in charge of 2-4 other Tokoh. The Panglima can call upon these Tokoh and form a War Party for missions that require more soldiers to handle. War Parties are made up of no more than 5 Fangs, which includes the Panglima’s Fang. When a War Party is not needed, a Panglima will coordinate missions with their superiors and their subordinates.

Prior to becoming a Panglima, the soldier must have spent at least 1 year in the military. The soldier must also be a Tokoh prior to becoming a Panglima. To become a Panglima, the PC needs to attain the skill level of Expert in 2 and Competent in 2 of the following requirements:

  • Mengintai Skills such as:

And Expert in one and Competent in one of the following requirements:

Before a Panglima can move up to Kepala, they must attain a 2nd Prowess mark from Myri. This is not required to become a Panglima as one can gain it during their service.


These are generally the leaders of Claws, which consists of 5 War Parties (25-30 Fangs). Much like the Panglimas, Kepalas only take charge of a Claw when it is necessary. During the times when the Claw is not needed, they move from Fang to Fang under their watch to assess the Rekruts, Tokoh, and Panglimas under their command. When a Claw is not needed, a Kepala will coordinate missions with their superiors and their subordinates.

There are two Kepalas of each branch. Half of the Kepalas (1 from each branch) report to the City Atasan, while the other half reports to the Jungle Atasan.

Prior to becoming a Kepala, the soldier must have spent at least 2 years in the military and be a Panglima. To become a Kepala, the PC needs to attain the skill level of Expert in 4 of the following requirements:

  • Mengintai Skills such as:

And Master in 1 and Expert in 1 of the following requirements:

Before a Kepala can move up to Atasan, they must attain a 3rd Prowess mark from Myri. This is not required to become a Kepala as one can gain it during their service.


These are the leaders just beneath Myri herself. There are normally only 2-3 Atasans in the Taloban Army at once. They oversee much of the attack planning, Taloban protection, etc. There is always 1 Atasan stationed at the Zinrah Blockade to oversee the Tigress stationed there. The other Atasan is stationed in Taloba to coordinate the Taloban defense and move the Tigress as necessary in case of an emergency. In times of war, this Atasan will call upon the Kepalas to bring their Claws together. With the Claws assembled, the Atasan will form a new Tigress to provide back-up to the current Tigress. If necessary, a third Atasan will be named from the current Kepalas to aid in war planning and protection of Taloba. This third Atasan will return to her previous position after war has ended unless one of the others had been killed in battle. At that point, this person will remain in the position to provide further support and structure.

Prior to becoming an Atasan, the soldier must have spent at least 3 years in the military and be a Kepala. To become a Atasan, the PC needs to attain the skill level of Master in 1 and Expert in 3 of the following requirements:

  • Mengintai Skills such as:

And Master in 1 and Expert in 1 of the following requirements:

Since there are no ranks after Atasan, it is not required to get a 4th Prowess Mark. However, many Atasans become a Champions of Myri prior to retirement so that they may secure a position in her Shadow Guard.


Myri, the Goddess-Queen of Taloba, has final say in the army if she chooses to intervene. Although it has not yet been recorded that she had led her army into battle, it is not out of the question.

OOC Note: Although the above skills are a list of suggested skills to get one started in the army, other skills can be sought after with Moderator Approval. Furthermore, to get recruited by the Mengintai or Bahadur, a Moderated Thread will be necessary.


All Myrians start out as basic members of the Pejuang. After advancing to Tokoh, they may choose to continue their path with the Pejuang, or they may be hand-selected to join the Mengintai or the Bahadur. Together, these branches play specific roles in the protection of Taloba and her people. By far, most soldiers are a part of the Pejuang (60%). The Bahadur (25%) and the Mengintai (15%) make up the other portion of the army.

Myri's Crown


This branch makes up the bulk of the army. All soldiers start within the Pejuang to get basic training in fighting, jungle survival, and other battle necessary skills. Soldiers can feel free to learn any weapon or approved magic of their choice. Superiors encourage the progression of multiple skills to prepare them for defensive work at the Zinrah Blockade or on the city walls. Eventually the other branches, for noticeable talents, can recruit a Pejuang member.

The Pejuang symbol is that of a Tribal Crown. Although the Myrians tend to affiliate themselves with one clan, they were brought together beneath Myri to become one people. It is this crown that the soldiers swear their allegiance too, no matter what clan they come from.


Myri's Eye

The Mengintai branch harbors the shadow lurkers of the city and jungle. It is their business to know what is going on inside and outside the city walls. Warriors who are members of the Mengintai are the finest scouts and trackers that Taloba has seen. Small clusters have been sent on field missions to locate and exterminate small problems before they become big problems. Two Kepalas lead the Mengintai branch. One Kepala is head of City Intelligence while the other is head of Jungle Intelligence. Together, the Kepalas work behind the scenes from Scout’s Roost to keep the balance within the city and the jungle.

Mengintai soldiers mix with the Pejuang and Bahadur soldiers, ensuring that most Fangs have a talented scout with Mengintai training. They are generally the brains of the outfit, quiet and calculating, but always observant of their surroundings. While the Bahadur are the forceful leaders, the Mengintai are the thoughtful advisers to the Fang.

Since there are few warriors in the Mengintai branch, their symbol is rarer to see than Myri's Crown or Myri's Fist; however, they proudly wear their mark as a tattoo or clothing addition to show that they are talented enough to be recruited by the Mengintai. The Mengintai Atasan and Kepalas proudly wear the mark as a tattoo or clothing addition. This symbol is symmetrical to show the equal importance of jungle and city intelligence. In the center is the Eye of Myri. It is a representation that Myri sees what her children see, which is why the Mengintai are important.

Kepalas: Naekasi of the Patient Shadows (Jungle Intelligence)
Atasan: Rahi of the Tiger-Eyed
Located At: Scout’s Roost

Skills needed for recruitment by the Mengintai include Stealth, Intelligence, Observation, Investigation, Subterfuge, Disguise, and/or Politics. Other skills may be approved by a moderator.

Myri's Fist


Similar to the Syliran knights, this branch is for those that plan on becoming some form of Myrian Rider. Although the branch is generally filled with Myrian Tigers, it has also been known to have Ixam and the occasional well-trained horse. Polar opposites of the Mengintai, every Myrian knows that a soldier if a part of the Bahadur branch. This branch blatantly shows their pride in having been selected to become trainer, rider, and companion of these fair beasts. Riders will tattoo themselves with their selected beasts and boast about the fact they are a part of the Bahadur. This part of the branch consists of roughly 500 riders, depending on the availability of the beasts.

Myrian Tigers are easily the most commonly seen mount. The gift from Navre has been treasured and trained to be formidable weapons in their cause. Although the riders get along just fine, the Ixam tend to be incredibly leery and skittish around Myrian Tigers. Bahadur Fangs tend to prevent mixing species. Suffering the loss of a mount by another soldier’s mount has caused several issues in the past, which the superiors want to avoid. Horses are used infrequently due to the jungle terrain. If a scouting party is on a guarding or scouting mission beyond the jungle, horses prove to be useful as inconspicuous mounts.

The symbol that the Bahadur claim is Myri’s Fist. As companions to the large jungle beasts, soldiers of this branch pride themselves as being the right hand that brings Myri’s justice down upon outsiders. This symbol is either tattooed, branded, or sewn on to various pieces of clothing. It is also custom to sew it onto part of the tack the rider uses. Although tattooing and branding an animal can be done, it is not widely accepted since it is extremely dangerous to the animal’s health.

Atasan: Vita of the Lost Grove
Located At: Zinrah Blockade

Skills needed for recruitment by the Bahadur include Leadership, Intimidation, Tactics, Planning, Animal Husbandry, and/or Organization. Riding is a necessary skill that is learned after recruitment. Other skills may be approved by a moderator.

Group Organization

Fang (10-12)

The smallest unit of Myrian warriors, generally between 10-12 individuals led by a Fang Leader, usually a veteran and proven female. While smaller than the War Parties fielded by the clans, each member has been exhaustively trained in the arts of war, not to mention tracking, tactics and non-verbal communication known as 'Myrian Animal Calls' used exclusively by the Army of Taloba. Fangs are led by Tokoh.

War Party (20-60)

Named for a larger group of warriors and hunters, this formation is both more formalized and more fluid. It consists of two to five Fangs, depending on the mission it has been designated, and is the typical force dispatched to answer barbarian incursions against the borders of Falyndar and reports of Dhani or Yukmen within them. War Parties are led by Panglimas.

Claw (300)

Rarely deployed due to their size, a Claw consists of five full-sized War Parties, usually commanded by a Kepala. Made up of hundreds of Myrian warriors, not to mention support elements like healers and djed-wielders, when a Claw goes on the warpath it's a sign of a major threat to Myri's domain.

Tigress (1000)

Aptly named after one of the fiercest beasts to be found in the jungle, the Tigress formation is made up of two front-line Claws, one reserve Claw, support elements and reserve units. There are two currently in service: one defending Taloba (controlled by the City Atasan), another maintaining the Zinrah Blockade and patrolling the vast Jungle around it (controlled by the Jungle Atasan). A third Tigress can be formed on short notice when a third Atasan is called upon. The last time there was such an emergency was the Djed Storm of 512AV, during which an entire Tigress marched from Taloba to restore the Blockade and slaughter everything un-Myrian they found around it.

Warriors of Importance And Their Ranks