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Image:Scroll2.png “I protect the jungle by keeping the balance within the wild. Caiyha is the game master and I am her game changer.”
- Naekasi "Ghost Eye" of the Patient Shadows

Naekasi "Ghost-Eye"
Date of birth472 AV (aged 51)
Place of birthTaloba
TitleMengintai Kepala of the Jungle
Weapon: Macuahuitl69
Gnosis marks

Naekasi "Ghost-Eye" of the Patient Shadows is the Mengintai Kepala of the Jungle. She has served many years in the Taloban Army and plans to serve many more. She serves as the intelligence collector of the jungle and works with the Kepala of the City to run the Mengintai. Naekasi, like all heads of the Mengintai, are stationed at Scout's Roost. Together, the two Kepalas report to Rahi, City Atasan, so that she has the best information to oversee the city defense.



Naekasi has the classic Myrian history. She was born into the Patient Shadows Clan and groomed to join the secret Mengintai branch. Originally a basic soldier, she spent many years perfecting her weapon and stealth skills with the intention to join the Mengintai branch. Once she was recruited into the branch, she was sworn into secrecy about the affairs that the Mengintai dealt with. Naekasi continued to work with her original fang, slowly moving up in the ranks. As a Tokoh, her fang followed her every word. She had the respect and admiration of her peers for her skills in battle. Her elders could see the promise she showed. Eventually she moved up into the ranks. She was pulled into Scout’s Roost early, to serve as a Panglima. As a Mengintai Panglima, she served to coordinate information brought in by Rekrut’s and Tokoh’s from various Fangs. She worked tirelessly beneath Kokuwa, the Kepala before her.

It was many years before Naekasi finally deemed herself ready to overthrow Kokuwa. In the Mengintai, there were generally two Kepalas that served together: one for the city and one for the jungle. During Kokuwa’s reign, she refused to work with another female, taking the power and glory for herself. Her greed went mostly unnoticed as she often hid behind the lie that ‘no one was ready to help her.’ The Kepala had often left basic grunt work for Naekasi to handle, as she was the most senior officer at the time. Of course, due to fear of being discharged for insubordination, she kept her mouth shut and did as she was told like everyone else. It was during these many years that she became one of Caiyha’s chosen. As a phylonurist, Naekasi did everything within her power to protect the jungle from all sentient beings out to destroy Falyndar. It was Caiyha’s gift that finally drove her to challenge Kokuwa for power.

Upon challenging her predecessor, Naekasi managed slay her while sustaining mostly minimal damage. Aside from her right eye, which was now clouded due to her close encounter with her opponents venomous nails, she still had a fully functioning body. They called her Naekasi “Ghost-Eye”, Mengintai Kepala of the Jungle. Many people whispered that she could see a whole other jungle with that eye, that she knew things that went on in the jungle that others did not know. She kept her bond with Caiyha a secret, allowing the superstitions to circulate in society. In her eyes, having secrets made her more deadly.

Physical Appearance

More often than not, Naekasi clothes herself in baggy, loose clothing. Many do not believe it is practical in the jungle heat, but she is older and her skin is thinner with age. Her clothes keep her warm in the evening and hidden during the day. At least, that is how she prefers to see it; for it is beneath her clothes were her secrets lie.

In her prime, Naekasi was built. Her musculature rippled beneath her skin, which was covered in tattoos. For every event she took pride in, she made it permanent on her body. Amongst the swirling black mementos, three tattoos stand out prominently in her mind’s eye. Her blood mark was a bloody Macuahuitl while her second prowess mark was that of a decapitated head that looked strangely like the previous Kepala before her. Caiyha’s mark was smaller, easily hidden in her other tattoos. It was a cave covered in vines, and if one were to get the chance to see it, they would want to remark that the vines were moving to reveal yellow pinpoints of a hidden beast.


Some people think her age to be a hindrance, but with age comes wisdom. Naekasi took her time perfecting her skills. In her vast number of years, she has fought many battles, learned many techniques, and have been honored with many great mentors. Her personality has developed with these encounters, making her a formidable woman. Hard to anger, Naekasi takes her time to think through a problem to come out with the most logical and efficient solution. It was this patience that made it difficult for her to stand out in the Mengintai. Many had not anticipated she would end up as a Kepala, but after slaying Kokuwa, she came from the shadows to be revered. Her new position of power has not gone to her head, as she has sworn to protect the city and the jungle; however, her stubbornness makes her hard to deal with. The only authorities she will report to are the Council of Nine, Caiyha, and Myri.

Religious Beliefs

Naekasi worships Myri and Caiyha. Since very few know of her relationship with Caiyha, she acts to favor Myri in society. The only ones that know of her touch with Caiyha include Rahi, City Atasan, and the Goddess-Queen Myri. Naekasi had gone out of her way to seek Myri’s audience to explain her relationship with the nature goddess. Myri agreed that the outcome would bode well for Taloba, and permitted it to continue; however, she did mark Naekasi a second time to ensure that others would not question her loyalty and for her victory over her predecessor. She has sworn to Myri to use her skills in prowess to help Myrians control the jungle while keeping the balance in check for Caiyha.