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Petri Alvikal

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Petri Alvikal

Syliran Knight, Loren Dyres' second-in-command
RaceHuman, Drykas
Date of birth481 AV (aged 42)
Place of birthEndrykas
TitleLord Knight of the Syliran Knights
Riding: Horse60
Gnosis marks

Petri Alvikal is the current Lord Knight of Syliras. As such, it is his duty to handle the army as a whole and to distribute the Syliran Knights across Sylira and Mizahar. The position of Lord Knight is quite different from that of Grandmaster, though the two work hand-in hand: while Loren rules over the city of Syliras and ensures it runs properly for its citizens, Petri's main focus is on the martial aspects of the Knights. He doesn't concern himself with the laws of Syliras any further than knowing which Companies to assign where to ensure that the laws are followed.


Petri's mother, Julianne Alvikal, was a Knight, though he was not born in Syliras. His parents were Drykas crafters, and he spent his earliest years roaming the Sea of Grass with the rest of his Pavilion. When he was four, his father lost his swordarm to a glassbeak, and though his other wives released themselves from their marriage and took their children with them, Julianne stayed with her husband. He found it difficult, though, to provide for them and protect them with such a crippling injury, and so they left Cyphrus and went to Syliras in search of a less taxing life. It was a surprise when, a year later, Julianne was called by the Windoak and given a quest - she had never before considered such a life.

It made things easier, though, for the Knighthood paid her a living wage and set Petri as a page when he was old enough. It wasn't long before the passion of his Drykas blood proved a boon to the young Knight - he picked up the martial skills of the order at twice the speed of his classmates, and rose through the ranks just as quickly.

Though many were worried that he might challenge Loren for the title of Grandmaster, it became evident that such a fear was baseless - Petri had no desire to run the city, and no knack for the politics one must employ to do so. He is a soldier, make no mistake, and he looks at the world through a soldier's eyes. As such, he can sometimes seem heartless and calculating, but one often finds that no matter what move he makes, it is always in the best interests of Syliras and humanity as a whole.