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Date of birth503 AV (aged 20)
Place of birthRavok
Bladed Fan20
Riding: Horse5
Gnosis marks

Quiarinox is an Ethaefal whom fell in Lake Ravok in the Winter of 503 AV. She is devious, cunning, lonesome, and has suffered far less than the burdensome weight of her shoulders seems to imply. Her goals are to further the strength of Rhysol in this world and to acquit herself as worthy of being a Druvin in his religious order. As it stands, her hatred of Syna has her intentions towards the 'Sunborn' Ethaefal less than kind.


Physical description

By day, Quiarinox wears the face of a seventy years dead adolescent girl not yet through with the changes of puberty. She is small, frail, and not altogether unpleasant to look at if one can see past the thinness of her limbs, her scars, and her generally dour expression that fails to invite polite conversation. Her hair is red, and longer than average. It cuts off at the middle of her back when tightly curled as it typically is when dry, however when wet or straightened it is easily an inch over the top of her legs. The length might not be so noticeable if she were taller, but her short stature leaves much to be desired.

By night, Quiarinox embodies the faces of her God, Leth, and changes as he does over the seasons. She is taller, much taller, and causes those to speak with her to tilt their heads back in order to properly address her in most cases. She is pale, her skin streaked by quicksilver under the moonlight, and again quite slender although she lacks the noticeable boniness of her secondary form. She appears much healthier, and more beautiful, than a normal human can hope to be, and she gloats with this truth.

Character Concept

Independent, driven, focused, judging, and logical are only a few words that describe Quiarinox and her personality. Her motivation in life is to show Rhysol that saving her wasn't a waste of his time or his resources but that she is suited for his eventual goals. Despite most others who serve the same god as she, Quiarinox also bears some love yet still for Leth even if this love is tinged with regret and sometimes, at her worst, anger. She doesn't want to return to his immortal plane but doesn't want to forsake his name entirely either. She is that rare anomaly that could never find peace serving her own creator and could never be asked to selflessly work for him. But she loves him.

What Quiarinox is willing to serve she is willing to guide others to singlemindedly pursue their goals. Her own determination often pays off when she makes a good example to those who slack that the gods would reward those with zeal and purpose. If she is forced to work amongst a group she will often force her way into the role of leadership and then force the others into exemplifying her.

Quiarinox doesn't empathize well with people but for forms of suffering and loneliness she may sympathize. In the presence of another Ethaefal born of Leth she may sometimes change but she avoids those meetings for lack of affection with her moonborn kin. She is a judging personality and often speaks her impressions of others before she thinks through what her words might do to them. She has learned to temper her tongue in the company of people she wants to use in the future yet in private she releases all at once.

In her sun phase, Quiarinox may come across as mildly sweet. She appears no more than a young woman of age to be married, perhaps a former slave as well due to her healed injuries, but she hardly acts that way. If one was around Ethaefal much they might be able to see what she is through her distaste of the weak, ugly body and her malancholy at being unmoored to lavish in the light of Leth's mate. She doesn't like Syna and doesn't let this go unknown when asked about it. Her love of Leth is perhaps the only thing that saves her from acting in Syna's opposite and earning her ire.

Quiarinox likes much in the world. She likes Winter and the time when the seasons change, she likes flowers and bathing, she enjoys thoughtful gifts and music played by masters. Quiarinox likes horses, dogs, cats and snakes but dislikes most people barring those who have some use to her or are otherwise 'different' from the larger whole of their race. She emulates purpose and likes those who do the same, so the people who work actively for Rhysol, chaos, or their own personal goals with focus are those more apt to be liked.

Quiarinox has a multitheistic approach to life and while Rhysol and Leth are her main deities she does claim fondness for Morwen, Akajia, Zintila and The Voice.


Ravok- Winter 503 to Fall 511

To be Roleplayed

Alvadas- Late Fall 511

To be Written

Lhavit- Early Spring 512 to Spring 513

To be Written

Wind Reach- Summer 513

Transition from Lhavit to Zeltiva.

Zeltiva- Summer 513 to Present

To be Written

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