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Date of birth518 AV
TitleHobo King

Rats is a Kelvic rat known for his expert knowledge of Sunberth's streets and for taking in the homeless to share stories and gossip. He primarily resides in the Sunset Quarters.


Rats, the only name that people know him by, was a slave that had escaped to Sunberth in search of riches and glory. Like most in the city of sorrow, Rats arrived with dreams, goals and aspirations. Only to fall below the foundation of society, becoming one of the homeless residents in Sunset Quarter. Accepting his "destiny" as he likes to call it, Rats took on a father role among the homeless, giving them a place to call home. Going out gathering lost clothing, food, and warm blankets for his fellows to use. Rats has been in just about every nook and cranny of Sunberth. There is no part of the city that he hasn't explored, meaning that he could fine anything for a person if they have the coin and it's in the city. Being a kelvic rat has it's benefits, as in being able to move in secrecy learning information that one would hold secret. Secrets and information that come at a price. A heart of gold, Rats welcomes all without a home sharing what he calls "Legacy Alley" an alleyway where homeless come together laughing and sharing stories of past lives, and the latest gossip. He is a very intelligent man, often speaking vaguely and in riddles. Some even call him crazy, but one thing is for sure, if you ever are placing bets on drinking ale, he's damned there the best functioning alcoholic one could find.