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Date of birth497 AV (aged 26)
Place of birthWind Reach
TitleYasi of the Inarta

Rista (Black-Eyes) is a Human of Mixed Blood. Born and raised in Wind Reach, she carries the blood of both Inarta and Chaktawe.

Physical Description

Rista is short and rather curvy for her young age, with wide hips, slender waist and a chest that is developing in a very promising way. Threatening to blossom into an exotic beauty, she still retains many childish features. She has dark brown/black hair with dark red streaks running through it, long enough to reach her to the middle of the back when let down and naturally curly. Most often she keeps it in many thin, undecorated braids; while working it is bundled up at the neck, but has a tendency to escape and fall down around the neck or in front of her eyes.

She has a sturdy constitution; while she is short she is far from delicate or fragile, her shoulders are quite wide and she gives off a steady impression. While she is still growing her frame varies quite a lot, ranging from a childish chubbieness to an almost skinny look; her height is still not fixed, and there are times when she suddenly notices that an inch or two has to be added to her bryda. She is unlikely to become much taller. A good final length estimation could land on around 4'9 to 5 feet at best.

Beneath the chubbiness she is quite well trained, with good lungs and plenty of endurance. Enjoying a life outdoors, the short girl usually spends her time tracking animals over the ground and has learned to walk silently with smooth gait. Despite short legs she is rather quick, without really being a sprinter. She tire quickly when running fast, but if allowed to keep a steady, somewhat slower pace she can travel long distances without much effort. Having long, sleek muscles she is stronger than she looks, and can put quite a force behind blows if so inclined.

She has not inherited the Chactawe organ that allows for going without water for days on end, and neither does she have the webbing between the toes or the thick soles on the feet.

She has however inherited the coppery skin tone and jet black eyes from her Chaktawe father. Most people around Wind Reach tend to startle the first time they meet her gaze; while Rista isn't aware of it, many find her to look tricky or mischievous, as it is almost impossible to discern exactly where she is looking at the moment. While making use of it when wishing to avoid questions, the girl oftentimes curse this particular trait of hers, since it makes her stand out as different.

Not quite aware of it herself, Rista does have a portion of the Chactawe ability to sense pressure with her palms; it is dormant and not as sharp as with a full blood Chactawe, but with training it could still become functional on shorter distances.


Rista and her twin brother, Karva, was born as the unwanted result of a brief connection between an Inartan Dek - a woman with more looks than brains - and a traveling man of the Chaktawe race. He was far from his home, she was pretty and unable to say no. It is a story that is often repeated within Inarta society.

Like most children of a Dek, Rista and her brother was sent to one of the nurseries to be raised there. Their mother didn't have time to look after them, nor any means to do so, neither mentally nor materially. They were taken good care of, didn't miss anything when it came to food or loving attention. Many people always doubted whether the two children had the same father. While Rista was dark in skin and hair, with eyes black like those of an animal, her brother looked like any other Inarta with red hair and and the characteristic pale skin that freckled under the sun; only the color of his eyes, a beady black color, hinted that he wasn't of pure blood. Their temperaments were different too, with her being the more wild one, always prone on adventure and mischief. When they were five years old, Karva caught an illness and despite many efforts to save him he passed away.

Rista took it hard at first, but as she grew the sorrow faded away. Loosing a twin was like loosing a part of oneself, but as the years pass you can live on even if you are only half of what you should have been.

She didn't look like the other children. Rista had dark skin and strange, black eyes where no whites showed, and for that she was teased, bullied and tormented. Some children might have been pushed to the ground, others might have withdrawn from their tormentors. Rista threw it back, every insult, every punch that was thrown at her.

On the surface she was cool, tough-skinned and unaffected. But there aren't many people who can live with taunts and not become affected by it. After all, she did look different, she could see it for herself. And she knew that she was only half what they were; only half Inarta, only half as much family with the wonderful eagles. It was a source of constant doubt, and as she grew her temper became hotter, her pride fiercer, as if she thought that she had to live twice as much as everyone else to make up for the things she surely lacked. She was only a half, but she was determined to prove that she was just as good anyway.

Unknown to Rista, she actually has living family aside from her ignored mother. On her fathers side she has a cousin (Ma'ii), but whether he knows about her existence as well is unknown.

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