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Rorugir Steelrune Pitrius
Date of birth455 AV (aged 68)
Place of birthSultros
TitleLhavitian Researcher
Weapon (Battleaxe)10
Wilderness Survival5
Gnosis marks

Rorugir Steelrune Pitrius is an Isur blacksmith and Reimancer who, after splitting from his noble family back in Sultros, departed from the halls of the Pitrius Clan on a quest for knowledge. Now, after traveling through the Unforgiving, he has made his way to the mystic city in Lhavit.

Physical Description

Rorugir is the average size for a Isur of his age, stocky and short. His frame is densely packed, weighing in at around 215 pounds. His is skin is a bit darker than most other Isur, though his skin is webbed with the customary silver veins. His slim face sports buzzed black hair, with several tints of blue in it. He is also one of the few Isur to sport facial hair- a small black goatee, to be exact. His eyes are a deep, chocolaty brown, full of curiousity and wishful thinking.

While he is rather well-muscled, Rorugir's pale silver arm stands out against the rest of his body. Rather larger than his other arm, the left arm glimmers with the pearly gray sheen of the Pitrius clan. A scrolling, elaborate tattoo also rolls down it's side- the mark of Izurdin rests on Rorugir's left arm.

Rorugir tends to dress simply, in a simple tunic and trousers. He doesn't often wear much else, and the concept of footwear is entirely alien to him; for him, his dense and hard to penetrate feet are enough.


Rorugir was born to Klaldir Steelrune and Elianel Hardfist, two of the foremost members of the Pitrius clan. Born and raised within the stony halls of Sultros, Rorugir was a product of Isurian nobility, for it was clearly known that Elianel was related to the lord of Pitrius clan, and that his father, Klaldir, was a well-known Sentinel. Rorugir led a charmed life growing up, never for want of money or supplies or companions. The only child of Elianel and Klaldir, he was pretty much the focus of their lives beyond their jobs and the worship of Izurdin. Rorugir might have seemed to live the good life -a rarity in these days- but if you ask him now, he will say "it was a bit too stuffy for my liking.". However, whether or not he enjoyed his time in the Pitrius citadel, he proved quite talented at Djed manipulation, and early in his life his parents started him along in the magical arts. Along with the wizardly teachings, the more Isurian arts of blacksmithing and weaponsmithing also became prominent in Rorugir's lessons. To many, it seemed the young lad would become a Sentinel, or perhaps something more, something great; but something well within the Sultros community. But, that was not to be, however.

Rorugir, like several other Isur, grew victim to the pursuit of knowledge. He hungered for more than what was available to him. He wished to go out into the world and find the lost eldritch works of Mizahar, to learn the lost secrets of the world and create some of his own. His parents, however, objected. They didn't want to see their only child leave Sultros for the world beyond; they denied his requests for a suitable amount of money for such a venture, and said that if he wishes to leave Sultros, he would have to do it by his own means. With the tone of voice they had, they clearly never expected to do so. Stung and perhaps a bit prideful, Rorugir decided to call their bluff. Without the permission of his clan, he took what little was his and left the mountain kingdom.

After several months of wandering (and a far bit of fighting), Rorugir was exhausted and a bit more embittered than the hopeful youth he had been when he left Sultros. After such ordeals, he found himself questioning his true purpose in life, but then, light would shine once again on this dark time. Rorugir found himself in Lhavit, the wondrous Star of Kalea. Clearly, such a magical place would be a magnificent setting in which to start his quest for knowledge, and, starry-eyed and hopeful, Rorugir set off to find a place to stay and a master to study from.

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