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Rotting Mansion

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Sunberth's Rotting Mansion was the home of the late Robern Dalagnar and his family.


The Mansion is a large building set beside a make-shift gallows and surrounded by various large housing complexes, usually zealous supporters and allies to Robern himself. Inside the mansion, which is oddly enough open to everyone, is a large den area where a grand fireplace sets, fancy furniture, and a massive run made from a dire Talderan White Bear (rumored to be Kelvic). Beyond the den, the Mansion is off-limits to anybody but Robern's "Daggerhand", or his handpicked thugs. These men, who are tattooed with a crimson-colored dagger on their forearm and pectoral muscle (over the heart to symbolize where to strike a traitor), can be trusted to be veteran killers and experts of combat. Robern wouldn't entrust his life and, more importantly, the life of his daughter, to just any easily bought thugs.

Even the Daggerhand know better than to cross Robern, less they too want to hang from the gallows until the crows and ravens undress their bones.


Once home to the infamous Robern ‘Rotter’ Dalagnar, the Rotting Mansion is still a tall and intimidating building. Robern once claimed that Sunberth belonged to him and his Daggerhands, but such arrogance and grandeur does not last long in a city that rejects against any sense of control or authority. On the 25th of Spring 513 A.V., Sunberth’s sons and daughters raised up to protect their freedom, burning down Robern’s grand home and killing him and his daughter in the process. It is these events that led to the downfall of the Daggerhands, from which they are yet to fully rise.

The Rotting Mansion itself is, like many of the other buildings in the immediate vicinity, still blackened from that fire half a decade ago. The Daggerhands have never reclaimed it, and nor has anyone else. Instead, the structure stands, ghostlike and shadowed, at the far edges of the city. There seems to be a collective, Sunberth-wide understanding that the Mansion, despite being easily accessed due to its lack of doors and windows, is not to be trespassed. Despite their dislike of law, the people of Sunberth often abide suspicion without question, and in this instance, the end result is a burned house that is as intact on the inside as anyone could wish for. Indeed, there have been only a handful of individuals who have stepped inside the mansion since it’s destruction, and on each occasion, they speak only very briefly about their experience, clearly spooked and a little sooty.

There are rumors that the ghosts of Robern Dalagnar and his daughter, Libayna Dalagnar, haunt the mansion. Whether or not there is any truth behind these rumors, however, remains to be seen.

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