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Boss of the Daggerhand
RaceHuman -assumed
TitleBoss of the Daggerhand
Dual Wield63
Gnosis marks
Hapchancetwice marked
Krivasfirst mark

To those who seek to describe Stiletto, many come to the same conclusion that they are imposingly charismatic. To command the respect of the most brutal of thugs in all of Sunberth is no small task. But, it is one that Stiletto preforms with dauntless confidence.

No one dares ask them about their past, nor does Stiletto talk of it. His voice alternates with practiced grace, turning masculine one moment before becoming effeminate the next. While their identity is hidden, whats not hidden is that hey were a member of the Daggerhand in their hidden past who only just rose to prominence following Dalagnar's death. And despite impossible odds, Stiletto kept The Daggerhands together. It was though such strife that Stiletto was beset upon by the twin gods Kelwyn when Stiletto promised to destroy the Night Eyes and Sun's Birth. Gaining one mark for each of the enemy gangs.

Stiletto's name alone now brings fear to many in Sunberth, but it was a reputation built upon brutality and cunning which caught the eye of Ssena who saw fit to bestow her mark upon them for doing what few people could do. And that was to scare someone to death through word alone.