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Tarot is one of the six founding members of Mizahar. Along with Gossamer, Liminal, Cayenne, Colombina and Gillar they form the Founders Circle which created Mizahar in 2009 and continues to develop it to this day. Tarot is the technical guy, admin and webmaster for the Mizahar project. In addition, he can be seen plotting and scheming all over the place, bringing his own self-proclaimed Nietzsche-baroque style into the game. His influence is most visible in the magic system and many of its disciplines, as well as monsters, the afterlife and Human history. He developed several player races, including the Nuit, Pycon and Ghosts, and quite a few deities. He also works on a few cities, mainly Sahova and Nyka.



Tarot was born, and then did some stuff. In the process, he did enough stuff to get a PhD in computer science, and now does stuff for a software company. He enjoys doing stuff in his spare time. Some of that stuff involves Mizahar.

On Mizahar


Tarot leads Mizahar's Tech Administration Department (MTAD), which is comprised of himself and a platoon of typewriter-enabled monkeys. He does what he can, and passes the rest to the monkeys. Which method performs better is the object of much speculation.


Tarot has developed the entire magic system, including all stuff about personal magic (except Shielding, at the time of writing) and world magic (except Webbing).

He has developed stuff for the following races:

And stuff for the following general frameworks/concepts:

And the following deities, with relative gnosis, factions and stuff:

And stuff for the following cities:

Plus some other miscellaneous... you guessed it, stuff.


Tarot moderates stuff in Sahova, and hopefully soon in Nyka as well. He has moderated stuff elsewhere on the boards, as well.


Tarot has won a Being Tarot Award. Formerly known as the "Test Medal", it was later remodeled into the BTA, which is, as of now, considered the hardest Mizahar medal to obtain.