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Image:Scroll2.png “I will not always be there to protect you Vita. You must figure it out yourself. You’re sisters’ have size and power. They don’t have to fight as hard. Things will be given to them for their beauty and position. You, you must be different. You must fight and never stop fighting for what you want and believe in.”
- Meerta of the Lost Grove, Vita’s Mother

Vita and Hitam
Date of birth477 AV (aged 46)
Place of birthTaloba
TitleAtasan of the Jungle
Weapon: Spear52
Unarmed Combat89
Gnosis marks

Vita of the Lost Grove happens to be one of the younger Atasans that the Taloban Army has ever seen. Having ridden some of the greatest Myrian Tigers, she serves now upon one of Navre's own special friends. Hitam, a great black panther, is so far the only one that has been known to exist. Together, this pair of formidable warriors serves to protect the Zinrah Blockade and hold the line against the Dhani vermin.



For almost her entire life, Vita has had it difficult. Smaller than her sisters, she was often considered the runt of her family. They cared for her dearly - especially her mother Meerta - but she always had to try the hardest of anyone in the Lost Grove clan. Vita had always been last picked and last in line because she was not big enough to hold her own. She was forced to ‘figure it out herself’ when her sisters would not lift her up. They had always thought if she couldn’t cut it in the jungle, the jungle would consume her. It had been like this for as long as she could remember, even into her military career. Yet, she fought and slaved harder than most, advancing in ranks much quicker than most normal soldiers. When she was the first of her mother’s offspring to reach Tokoh, she began to feel the first showers of pride wash over her. Gifted with her Meerta’s spear, a sharp lightning bolt shaped blade on a thick pole, Vita began to receive the praise she had always deserved. Even her sisters began to show her respect, saving her the best cuts of meat and warmest spots in the clan longhouse during cold, winter nights.

Yet, she did not stop fighting. Having become in a position of power, she demanded only the best from the Rekruts beneath her. It was not long before the Bahadur noticed her. They said she had the heart of a tiger, and teeth just as sharp. She was recruited and immediately put into training with her first Myrian Tiger, Macan. They served together for many years. When Macan was retired to enjoy the rest of his days, she had become the youngest Kepala that the Taloban Army had seen. Jeruk, a large tiger, became her second mount. Many members of her fang, her commanding Atasan, and Jeruk were brutally killed in a bloody skirmish with a constrictor group. Her heart became stone to the serpents, for they had taken Jeruk’s body as dinner.

In response to the slaying of her friend, Navre descended. The Bahadur Atasan, Jakia, who had been slain in this skirmish, had a very special mount. A massive white tiger by the name of Warna had been a special gift to Jakia upon her ascension to Atasan. Now, with Vita’s ascension, Navre presented himself to her with a massive panther, black as a moonless night. He explained to her that his name was Hitam, and that he would serve as her mount during her position as Atasan. Honored, she accepted the gift and rank before Myri and Navre, swearing that the Zinrah Blockade would never fall while she breathed. Since her advancement, she had led the Tigress at the Zinrah Blockade with firm tactics and wise judgments.

Physical Appearance

As Atasan, she generally dresses in light leather armor to prevent hindering Hitam when she rides. Although she enjoyed bright colors as a child, she wears black to prevent sticking out like a sore thumb upon a black panther. The half-cape she sports the symbol of the Bahadur proudly on the black canvas. Her armor is custom built to maximize her movement on the ground and while riding. The jagged blade of her spear is never far from her reach, completing her dark ensemble.


Vita has always had to fight, making her an unforgiving woman. She doesn’t see the sense in a ‘free meal’ and constantly pushes those beneath her to work. If they fail, she takes it as a personal fail because she sees her subordinates as an extension of herself. In similar circumstances, their victories are her victories. This has always been her personality, although it was heavily amplified after the death of her tiger, Jeruk. Her personality has since darkened. She is extremely protective of all mounts, including her Hitam and all Myrian Tigers beneath her. They are a gift from Navre that cannot be replaced in her eyes as every tiger has their own personality. Aside from the great cats, the Zinrah Blockade as a major part of her focus. She harbors a malicious hate towards the Dhani for their mistreatment of Jeruk. She looks forward to the day that Myri sends out her entire force to demolish Zinrah.

Religious Beliefs

With Vita’s hard-working approaches, Myri has been her idol for as long as she can remember. When she was younger, she was always last to receive her marks from Myri, being the last-born. Now, she is incredibly revered with her three marks from Myri. Everything she has done in the army has been in the name of Myri and for Taloba. True to her race to the end, Vita has no intention on becoming a traitor. Aside from Myri, she worships Navre second most for his sheer generosity in providing her a bond with Macan, Jeruk, and Hitam. Like all other warriors, she honors Dira, Kihala, and the others that are worshiped in Taloba with every kill and mission she completes.