[Plot Notes] 'The Sunberth Group'

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[Plot Notes] 'The Sunberth Group'

Postby Shai on December 8th, 2011, 1:51 am

The PM system is utterly inefficient, so I will be taking over. Below will be sections for each leg of the journey, I will be posting thread links to each applicable thread. At the beginning of each section will be a description of what the group does as a whole.

Quick Answers:
    No we are not splitting up until after Alvadas.
    Serrif will not be accompanying us beyond Syliras.
    Kammy will be joining us in Sylaris.
    Kammy is obviously exempt from all threads prior to the groups arrival in Sylaris.

The Time Line
Late on the 78th: Fally's group gathers us in Sunberth.
79th: We leave early by Ship to Zeltiva
81st of Fall: Arrive in Zeltiva
83rd of Fall: Leave from Zeltiva on Horseback on the road to Sylaris.
8th of Winter: Arrive in Sylaris
10th of Winter: Gain passage on a boat to Alvadas
28th of Winter: Arrival in Alvadas assuming no storms.

The Chosen
Date: 78th of Fall
Summary: Fally sends the NPCs to round up the PCs. All PCs must post here.
    Those who have posted:

    Those who need to post:

Upon the Road
Date:1st of Winter
Summary: A quick thread about our travels. You need purchase your mount in this thread and follow the directions in Antar's post for making a receipt. Only two posts per character in this thread.

    PCs who have posted:

    Awaiting posts from:

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