Resources contain the character and storyteller toolboxes. The Character Toolbox contains character sheets, the matchmaker forum, etc. The Storyteller Toolbox contains all the storyteller secrets, plotnotes, etc.

  • Resources
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  • Character Resources
    Within this forum, you will find Character Sheets, places to ask questions of the populace, and a matchmaking forum for characters to link up with one another.
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  • Aesthetics, Design & Calculations
    Here's the place to find information on 'How do I do that?' when it comes to creating avatars, signatures, calculating travel time or big purchases, or even working with the bbc code. There are help files for codework for both the main board forums and the lore sections. There are threads advertising players that are willing to create signatures for other players. Please feel free to discuss technical issues, photo cropping, suggest new bbc code, or get help from players and admins on things you want to do. This forum includes posts, wiki technical aid, avatar art, character sheet art, signature work, and all things visual when it comes to Mizahar.
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  • Storyteller Offices
    Within this forum, all Storytellers of any level may feel free to create their office threads. These threads are then used for active thread lists, XP requests, and other communications that aren't necessarily PM required.
    Moderators: Junior Storytellers, Liaisons, Assistant Storytellers, Scribes, Regional Storytellers, Domain Storytellers
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  • Post Templates
    This special forum hosts post templates. If you post here, your posts automatically generate a Post Template Drop Down Menu below the title, description, and tag for anywhere you post throughout the game. Each post in your Post Template Thread becomes a separate selection in your new drop down menu which when selected automatically copies your code into your new post. This forum is the perfect place for all player style codes, box codes, and pretty frames! Please note the first post in each Player's thread must be titled as "Playername's Templates". Each player gets only one thread per account in this forum. Each post within your individual threads can be titled as per the Template's description such as "Blue OOC" etc. [Size Rules For Templates]
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