Searching for something that isn't here (open)

Tandsra is getting ready to journey to Zeltiva, mostly to enroll in the university and learn more. She's still at home though, and doing the preparations necessary.

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Far below the water's surface is the living coralline city of the Charodae, Charbosi. Inaccessible to those who cannot breathe underwater, Charbosi is a city of culture and peace. [Lore]

Searching for something that isn't here (open)

Postby Tandsra Lespeh on January 15th, 2012, 9:29 pm

Tandsra swims towards her bed, sighing as she looked over all the things she has laying where she'd thrown them in her attempt to figure out what to pack. It was supposed to be simple and easy, this exploring thing, but she's found that it's been really difficult actually. It's not just the difficulty in figuring out what to pack (she really loves this book, but she has a feeling that it'd probably slow her down but wait that one has a plant identification chart how can she leave that at home!), but also the crushing feeling of guilt. She knows that her parents, especially her mother, don't want her to leave, and she knows she probably shouldn't. She also knows that she's no use to anybody the way she is currently, and that if she ever wants to be a useful member of her society, she needs to leave. She truly believes that despite her mistrust of people and her general belief that people are terrible, she will find something or somebody to either cure her or find a way to make her people understand. She looks down, shakes her head. She has to believe.
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