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  • The Sylira Region
    The world was destroyed, and yet civilization persisted. Here, within this almost hospitable region, is a series of cities in uneasy truces: the center of Mizahar's population population.
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  • Akvatar Isle
    One of Mizahar's windswept eastward isles, Akvatar is a place of deadly beauty and varied climates. It lies off the coast of the boarder of Cyphrus and Eyktol.
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  • Konti Isle
    A small island to the northeast of Sylira, Konti is the home of a legendary Silver Lake, source of the vision water of the Konti people. White trees, called Silverwood, dot the landscape, giving the island its name of "The White Isle".
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  • The Taldera Region
    Vast northern forests, sparse populations, this rugged coniferous region dominates the whole northern portion of Mizahar. It touches the Suvan Sea to the south, and stretches into the Ice Reaches in the north.
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  • The Cyphrus Region
    Mizahar's famous sea of grass is an expansive region that links Eyktol in the south to Sylira in the north.
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  • The Falyndar Region
    Where the untamed flourish in the wilds of the jungle.
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  • The Kalea Region
    The vast mountainous region on the western shores of Mizahar.
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  • The Eyktol Region (Closed)
    The southernmost region of Mizahar, Eyktol is a burning desert dotted with oases and travel routes fraught with danger.
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  • Elsewhere
    Other locations that can be roleplayed. These include on the Suvan, in Dreams, or even other dimensions like The Ukalas or Chavena. Elsewhere can also contain off world roleplays for summoners who cross over into other lands.
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