Clarion Voss

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Clarion Voss

Postby Clarion Voss on August 17th, 2009, 5:12 pm


Name: Clarion Voss

Physical Information:
o Human - Ethaefal (Syna)
o 61
o male

Racial Abilities:

Ethaefal Aging
Ethaefal Sunlight Sustainability
Ethaefal Shifting
Astronomy Skill Bonus (+10)

Human (Moon): In human form, Clarion inhabits the body of an elder male with patrician features and stark blue irises. The man's white hair is neatly cropped, while his body exudes a regal stance and calm intent. Voss's attire is minimalistic, using strong horizontal and vertical lines but muted colors. He wears the calculated robes of a magi, varying in shades of single colors.

Ethaefal (Sun): As an Ethaefal the male is a tall smooth skinned figure with unbridled features and the freedom of auburn hair snapping just beyond his ears. Clarion is an ideal embodiment of physical form, as his features remain soothed with charm and inner clarity. The nose and jawline of Voss are both terrestrially strong, while the eclipsing pupils beneath these eyes glint an immortal depth. In this form Clarion's attire rides out as an exposed scholar's toga or that of a warrior poet. His sentinel's gaze pulls like gravity to bear, while the unbroken wit of his smile could charm the harshest of elements.

Character Concept:

The Ethaefal Clarion Voss is a creature divided by the endurance of time and the multitude of lives that have passed through it. Stained by violation yet cleansed through sacrifice, the many bodies his soul has inhabited have forged a tenuous and now lasting surface. This firmament holds within it's self the ages past struggle of passion and interwoven temptation. The foundation of his personal strength is the center and axis to many of the fluttering spokes that churn round his mind. Haunting memories, feelings, desires press him forward, while the judgment and wisdom of experience balance Voss's mobility over this cascading future that his new life takes. Perceived as purposeful and benevolent, what would the Ethaefal destroy and possess to get back what he lost so long ago? What would he do in the face of Ultimate Power.

Character History: (Lite-Prehistory)

Clarion's many lives have inhabited the strangest and most interesting of times. The corporeal form his spirit takes now is but the last male reincarnation. Between his falling to Mizahar reborn, Voss lived as a female Symenestra, hungry for gratification; then next as a Konti, spirited, quenched and devoted to the gods. At last his soul has taken the form of it's last opposing gender, a heretical mage damned for eternity and sealed beyond the gates of time, remembered only by the tomes of ancient history. Unknown to this still living world, the shifting nature of his alignment has rejoined the union of mages, taking up the mantle of teacher and of student. Are the hellish crimes of his soul absolved, forgotten, or shrouded still?

Training and Skill Points:

Reimancy - 30 Fire and Air
Meditation - 05
Familiary - 05
Summoning - 08
Astronomy (rb) - 10
Auristics - 05
Glyphing - 03


Knowledge of the Ancient Tongue
Knowledge of Past Lives - Glimpses


Spartan Auburn Robes
Scroll Case - Inkwell, Feather
Leather Sandals
Leather Satchel
Torch Oil - 1 cask
Book - History of Magic in Mizahar
Leather-bound Journal
Mage`s Oak Staff


-50 Writing Supplies
-5 Torch Oil
-5 Staff
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