Alderache Plot Notes

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Alderache Plot Notes

Postby Alderache on March 6th, 2012, 3:07 am

Become a monk of Uphis
Buy and Learn the Broadsword
Learn Twin Hooks
Learn Longbow (Yumi)
Learn Naginata
Expert Unarmed
Competent Lakan
Competent Bodybuilding
Meet Uphis
Practice Evantia
Violent Sex

Long term
Become a monk (be a monk 1 year min)
Go to RF, get branded a Cerulean
Leave in shame, become a Syliran Squire for discipline
Become knight (be knight 1 year min)
Do something terrible, flee Syliras
Arrive in Ravok
Join the Ebonstryfe (Stryfe 1 year min)
Flee to Lhavit
Join the Shinya (1 Year min)
Flee to Alvadas
Join the Silencers (1 Year min)

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