[Location]Bright Minds Child Center

Orphanage and Daycare for All Your Child's Needs

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Built high in the massive branches of Taldera's bloodwood forest, The Spires is a city crafted by the peaceful and scholarly Jamoura. Considered a haven for scholars and sages Mizahar-wide, The Spires is a mecca of philosophy and science that draws people from far and wide with its promise of deeper thinking and higher reasoning.

[Location]Bright Minds Child Center

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Bright Minds Childcare Center was created in necessity after the Valterrian and the Jamoura's gain of sentience. Many of the residents of The Spires perished during the storm, leaving behind many children without parents. In the past, this was never a big problem, as orphaned children were merely adopted by a family. But now there are more orphaned children than there are families capable of adopting them. So the Deacons had a city run center set up to care for them, and also serving as a school for all children, so the sense of exclusion and loneliness wouldn't be felt as much in the orphans.

Bright Minds is situated on the back end of the Government Petal. The Petal was attached to a single large Bloodwood tree, but the Djed Storm of 512 AV twisted and shifted it, turning it into a gnarled jumble of branches and wood. Rather than continuing to view the tree as a deformity, the Memory had the orphanage commissioned to be rebuilt within and around the tree. There is a main room on the Petal itself for visitors, while play areas, sleep areas, and teaching areas are all up in the twisted branches. The children of Jamoura, and even those of other races, enjoy the tree quite well, swinging and playing amongst the branches.

Every third day parents bring their children to the orphanage for group teaching. Several residents also attend to help with the teaching of a wide variety of subjects. Residents of the city will often see the children taken on field trips around the city, teaching them nearly every aspect of The Spires. Before the storm, it was common for children to be taught solely by their parents, but those sentiments have changed. Having survived the atrocities, the sense of community has grown much stronger.

Name: Jisei
Race: Jamoura
DoB: 332 AV
PoB: The Spires
Title: Manager of Bright Minds Childcare Center
Skills: Childcare 65, Leadership 58, Teaching 52, Meditation 46, Banjo 41

Jisei lost her own child during the storm, as well as her mate. She began caring for others' children while in the Base Camp, as well as the orphans and those whose parents were still in the Fog or the Cages. After the city was reclaimed, the Memory sought her out in order to establish a facility for all of the children. She is incredibly kind and gentle, and genuinely treat all children as if they were her own. She also makes sure to speak to the Hahk'Shatara whenever a prospective parent approaches her, since the protectors of the city see everything that goes on. But she works hard with all hopeful parents to help get the children adopted.

Employment And Training
Positions Available
Performer = 4gm/day
Childcare Specialist - 4gm/day
Childcare Assistant = 2gm/day
Teacher = 1-15gm/day

Training Available

There is a wide variety of subjects available to be taught, if you are a child.

Bright Minds will never turn away any they consider a child. Housing and expenses are free while staying here, however, one must do two threads of learning while in the orphanage in place of working. If one wishes to adopt a child, inquire within, and this will require moderation.

Moderator's Note: Hiring and Adoption must be Moderated, everything else requires no Moderation.

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