[Location] Lectern of Eyris

Collective Knowledge and Meditation Area Dedicated to Eyris

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Built high in the massive branches of Taldera's bloodwood forest, The Spires is a city crafted by the peaceful and scholarly Jamoura. Considered a haven for scholars and sages Mizahar-wide, The Spires is a mecca of philosophy and science that draws people from far and wide with its promise of deeper thinking and higher reasoning.

[Location] Lectern of Eyris

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The Lectern of Eyris is one of the only surviving locations after the Djed Storm of 512, and in fact survived the Valterrian as well. It is older than The Spires and the Jamoura who live there. It is commonly believed that it was a favorite place of Eyris to meditate, and as such, the Jamoura have turned it into a location of learning and teaching. It rests directly on a branch of a mighty Bloodwood, and the Meditative Petal was actually built around it, leaving it untouched as Eyris found it. There is an ancient pair of twisted trees, that the Jamoura find surprisingly similar to the symbol of Eyris. However, these trees are merely a decoration. The stump behind them is where they believe Eyris sat as she meditated, and they believe it contains some of her power with in it.

The area is used for meditation, teaching, and learning. The traditional process is anyone who wishes meditates in the general vicinity. Meanwhile, one is meditating on the stump where Eyris sat. When the one on the seat of Eyris is finished meditating, they express what they learned verbally to everyone that is present. Interruptions are extremely taboo, however, afterwards discussion and debate is perfectly acceptable. Any, absolutely any, topic can be brought up and discussed. All they ask is that you think deeply on it before speaking and debate with information, not emotions.

It is believed that the seat upon which Eyris sat, is from an extremely rare type of tree known as Soulwood. This wood is only found after a tree has died, and it can be from any type of tree originally. It is believed, but not known, that the trees have managed to enter the Ukalas when they died, and populate it as the most beautiful trees there. The husks they leave behind are somehow changed, and the wood is known for its use in magical items. The seat of Eyris is a grand artifact of the forest, a fact many aren't aware of, known only to Marn and the eldest of their race. It was blessed Eyris herself, and as such, acts as a container for all of the knowledge of those that meditate upon it. None but those with Lykata marks can access any of the knowledge stored within, however anyone, and most unknowingly, store their knowledge within.

Name: Gruuk
Race: Jamoura
DoB: Unknown, over 500
PoB: The Spires
Title: Priest of Eyris
Skills: Rhetoric 84, Teaching 73, Interrogation 64, Leadership 55, Observation 41
Gnosis: 3 Marks of Eyris

Gruuk was the discoverer of the Seat of Eyris, and was the first among the city to be marked by her divinity. He is often considered among the most knowledgeable elders, as he has traveled to every land in Mizahar, and returned. He makes it a point to speak with every visitor at some time or another, and is well known among the city. His three marks of Lykata allows him almost full access to the knowledge stored within the seat. He is careful with knowledge he passes out, for he knows of the dangers that could be unleashed if someone was only given certain pieces of information. He is a kind and patient teacher, and will take on any number of students.

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A limitless amount of topics may be learned here through discussion and debate.

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