[PC Plotnotes] Theodore Drake

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[PC Plotnotes] Theodore Drake

Postby Theodore Drake on June 11th, 2012, 8:30 pm

-Plotnotes forthcoming-

These are tentative at the moment, and unformatted. I'm going to use this to jot down my notes and thoughts about the character so it will be perpetually improved and edited.

At the moment Theodore's plans are to learn at the University at Zeltiva for a time and then travel to various places by boat and by land. Eventually I want him to learn of Sahova and wish to gain apprenticeship there. Far in the future it is my intention of him becoming a great animator and for him to want to be a Nuit so he can hone his skills for ad infinitum. Which would pose some interesting philosophical questions as he loses his humanity.

He would naturally want to study the Watchtowers to see how they work. For this he would need to learn voiding and a number of other disciplines.

Overall, I see Theodore as a curious scholarly person, perhaps one with the potential for archaeology.

Theodore has a romantic conflict. He desires a romantic relationship with other men, finding Isurians and Akalakians particularly interesting for their strength and discipline. However he knows that all of humanity is on the brink of destruction and requires viable breeders to repopulate. Naturally, he finds that he needs to play his part and put his feelings away for this issue and find a mate despite his feelings.

Past issues
Eventually, Theodore is going to return to his home and have to deal with his father Cyrus. Of whom they are going to butt heads and fight.

Theodore worships the gods Leth (mostly), Syna and the demigod Zintila. This is mostly due to his birthplace and his upbringing. His mother worshiping Leth more then Syna and his father converting to worship these two gods and eventually he became devoted to Zintila, to the point of gaining a Gnosis from the demigod.

He also (will if he hasnt alreaddy) respects and passively worships:
Izurdin for his craftsmanship, strength and the desire for patience (unknown to him at this time)
Gnora for logic and reasoning
Eyris, for she holds all that can be known
Qalaya, so that he may retain what he would wish to know
Avalis, for the hope that he may find insight into the consequences of his action (unknown to him at this time)


Some interesting ideas that I would like to try:
Glyphing on non-traditional objects (such as an egg - absorbing a fireball meaning an exploding egg)
Carving stamps
Glyphing with nontraditional mediums - the runes themselves made from Djed threads (like webbing) or from entire structures.
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