[Wind Reach] The Edge of The World

A famous climbing wall where many events are held.

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The westernmost tip of Kalea, Wind Reach is home to an amazing group of people and their giant eagle mounts. [Lore]

[Wind Reach] The Edge of The World

Postby Gossamer on May 23rd, 2010, 8:02 am




There is no shortage of cliffs in Wind Reach. Everywhere one looks, the ground drops away sharply and is replaced with endless blue sky and wild green forests. Children are watched closely, even though everyone learns as a Yasi to stay away from those dangerously beautiful edges. The peaks that tower over the city proper are steep and intimidating, with very few human feet having touched the very top. Wind Eagles were a different matter; they could fly where ever they chose, bringing their riders with them to new heights. For those who wish to climb the peaks the old fashioned way, or simply don’t have an Eagle to fly them into the clouds, there was the Edge of the World.

Situated outside of the cities bustling interior, The Edge of the World (henceforth referred to as the Edge) is a massive cliff jutting out from a rather flat plateau about a half a bell’s walk from the Outer Warrens. The Edge used to be a completely vertical chunk of rock, the sheer cliff face being uninhabitable. Over the years, and countless earthquakes, the rock had loosened and fallen away in a massive landslide that decimated part of the forest below. The plateau was the result, with the remaining half of the section of mountain jutting into the sky as the Edge.

Tough little bushes and patches of grass that could survive the harsh elements were scattered around the plateau, giving it a rather forlorn desert-like feel. Though the wind should have been an issue, the massive amount of stone that surrounded the plateau on three sides made a great buffer. There was a small, winding path that leads out of Wind reach and around the side of the mountain. It was rarely used and poorly maintained; The Edge was really the only thing there and none would walk this far with no purpose. It wasn’t uncommon for Endal to fly to the climbing wall rather than walk.

The wall it’s self was gorgeous. Since it was the smaller piece of what was a larger mass of rock, one could see the age lines, signifying years upon years of different minerals compacting to form the stone before it was thrust up from deep within the earth when Mt. Skyinarta was formed. The Edge was unique in the fact that it jutted out of the plateau a few dozen paces from the cliffs edge, allowing both sides of the wall to be used for climbing

All along the inner face, the Edge was peppered with holes and divots from previous climbers. In some places, stone or metal pegs were still in place, to be used as foot or hand holds. Though they weren’t always there, sometimes climbers would leave their ropes attached to the top of the wall for the next climber to use. Otherwise, they would have to try the hard way; finding natural hand and foot holes in the rock. This was the easier of the two sides, so the hand and footholds were numerous and easy to see. There were more pegs left on this side, as well. Novices and Intermediate climbers preferred the inner wall to hone their skills.

Master and Expert climbers, however, prefer the outer wall. Not only were there less handholds, there were no pegs or ropes dangling from this side. The most dramatic change was that climbers on the outer face didn’t have the security of the plateau; the cliffs edge was right there, giving the climber a breathtaking look at the sheer face of the mountain below as they climbed. The wind was also harsher, as the outer face has only one windbreak. To gain access to the outer face, the climber must be accompanied by either his/her Wind Eagle or a climbing partner to use as an anchor; no one is allowed to face that challenge alone, as that could end in disaster.


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