[Wind Reach] The Courtyard Of The Sky

Outside Courtyard where events and Market Days are held.

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The westernmost tip of Kalea, Wind Reach is home to an amazing group of people and their giant eagle mounts. [Lore]

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[Wind Reach] The Courtyard Of The Sky

Postby Gossamer on May 23rd, 2010, 4:11 pm




Originally the Courtyard of the Sky was a natural basin formed from Mount Skyinarta; reimancers set to work to transform it into the grand amphitheatre it is today. Unlike traditional amphitheatres that have rows upon rows of seats, the Inarta built platforms with curving stone terraces that eagles may perch upon. The Floor of the Courtyard has been worked so that a great stone mosaic of an eagle and rider in flight can be seen. A raised dais in the center of the Courtyard holds a curved stone arc that a lone eagle may perch on or a man can be chained to. The platforms go up every few steps, and have stone tables along with benches set into the wall. The tables can sit ten people comfortably while providing enough room for three couples to dance. Each platform has columns that form arcs to allow the more eagles to perch on top of them, and hollow tubes that lead under the Courtyard floor to hear the main speaker.

The Courtyard serves a dual purpose, during times of celebration or great news the courtyard is used as a common gathering place for everyone. Metal chimes are hung up on arcs to allow flying eagles to play music. Different colored glass lamps are placed around platforms while music from the floor is echoed in the pipes. Great tables are brought from the Kitchens to provide food and festival decorations. Some platforms are changed to include games and tests of skill.

However, the Courtyard also serves in times of trial. If an Inarta has committed a crime so unthinkable that death or banishment is their punishment, they are brought to the Courtyard stripped naked and chained to the great arc in the center. The courtyard removes all decorations and solid black painted feathers are hung everywhere. Two days past while the crime is echoed out to the people, and during the mid day meal everyone is to sit and eat in front of the prisoner while the condemned receive nothing. After two days, if the person survives the weather and lack of food and water, they are now dead to the eyes of the Inarta, and are placed outside the gate.

The Twins of the Courtyard are the caretakers of the Courtyard, though Lorlyn is officially in charge, her brother organizes the Dek crew that sweeps the courtyard and puts up decorations. Herth has organized several other Dek and clean out a storeroom to be used as a home for his crew. While, Lorlyn gets the caretaker room off to the side of the courtyard. The Dek crew keep their jealous light work positions by making sure that courtyard and Lorlyn are well looked after.

Mod Note:

  • Feel free to use the Courtyard of the Sky as a gathering place for both human and eagle companions. The platforms are design to allow several eagle riders to talk and organize themselves with their companions. Otherwise keep an eye out for special festivals!
  • Location Description by Dreamcatcher.

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