Deiku of the Jamoura

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Deiku of the Jamoura

Postby Deiku on September 13th, 2009, 11:42 pm


Physical Information

Race: Jamoura
Birthday & Age : 551, born 10th day of summer
Gender: Male

Physical Description:
Deiku looks pretty much like the average male Jamoura. He his 8' tall and weights at least 600lbs. He has light brown fur and green eyes. What makes him a little more "unique" is his armor. It's mostly just a shoulder protector, big metal bracelets on his arms and a big leather belt around his waiste, but you still don't see a Jamoura with those very often. Deiku also has a big scar crossing his left eye, witch he keeps always closed because of the wound (it was made by a wild tiger that Deiku was fighting with his bare hands while hunting) .

Character Concept
Like most Jamoura, Deiku his a wisdom lover. He reads every book he finds, tries to understand every new thing he comes across and meditates alot. But Deiku also embraces his animal side. He loves the rush of combat and to show his might. He's a very skilled hunter and tracker, but also a wise one. He his very good at setting traps to capture his food. He was also the personal protector of the Alpha male of his tribe. This gave him a great sence of responsibility and pride. Deiku lives a life that his guided by his honnor. He believes there is nothing more important. He his not the kind to show weakness therefore, he does not like to be around others when things don't go well or when he is outmatched. For him, there is always need to be better, stronger and wiser. Other than that, Deiku loves to tell stories. He his very good at remembering every detail and getting the emotions in his tellings, his long life span makes him a being of many adventures.

Character History:
I am Deiku, of the Jamoura. I was once protector of the leader of my old tribe, now I am wondering the world, searching for a purpose...

It all started when I was 150 years old. I was now able to take place in more important tasks for the tribe. I began hunting with the older ones and had proven myself very skilled at it. This is when I felt it, this rush emotion, the pride of breaking the beast's neck with my bare hands. I felt powerfull, i felt good. The others saw this in me too. Our leader was most pleased to see this, he told me at this time that I would be a strong Jamoura.

And so life continued on, I had reached 300 years old. I was now a most respected hunter by the others. I was actually the best of my tribe, except maybe for the alpha male... Who wanted to see me one day, he said he had something important to talk to me about. That his when my life began to have a new purpose. Keydo, our leader, asked me to become his personnal protector, his number one warrior. At the time, I felt overwelmed, this was a great responsibility. My life took a turn of honor and duty has I took the armor he handed me and put it on. From now on, I was always with Keydo, everywhere he went, I was there. When he was receiving visitors, I was there, by his side, watching over him.

I was now respected by the tribe, I had been by Keydo's side for 100 years. All this time with him, I had learned of his great wisdom. Has Alpha male he knew alot about our history and passed it onto me. But there was someting missing in my life... and Keydo saw it in me. One day, he looked at me and said "you are dismissed". I didn't understant what he had ment, so I looked at him speachless. "You are a formidable protector Deiku. A great hunter and a skilled warrior. Not once have I felt weak with you by my side" I was still looking at him, not understanding. "I know what you want Deiku. You want a life of adventure, of combat prowess. You cannot have this by looking after me, therefore, you are free to leave. Go wander the world, live your dream and protect your honor". With this, we gave each other our last handshake, I gattered my things, and left.

I am now travelling, always looking for adventure, always trying to discover more and above all, the feel this rushing emotion that I feel in combat.

Training (Skills, Arcana, Gnosis, Lore)
- Wilderness survival (15)
- Brawling (10)
- Story telling (15)
- Hunting (10)

Equipment and Possessions
-shoulder protector
-big metal bracelets on his arms
-big leather belt around his waiste

-100 gold mizas

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