Riverfall's NPC Master List

This is the complete (WIP) masterlist of Riverfall's NPCs thoroughly cateloged and detailed with plotnotes and plot devices included.

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Riverfall's NPC Master List

Postby Gossamer on February 11th, 2013, 4:56 pm

❖ Fringe Characters ❖

Dahlia Northwind
Name: Dahlia Northwind
Race: Human
DoB: Summer, 480 AV, 32 years old
PoB: Sunberth
Title: Roaming Entertainer
Skills: Dance 61, Acrobatics 48, Ribbon Daggers 29, Storytelling 24, Seduction 15
Gnosis: 1 Rhaus
Additional Info:

Dahlia was born into poverty in Sunberth; her father a drunk and mother working constantly to try and keep everyone fed. When she was a young girl around 10 years old a troupe of bards, actors, and other assortment of entertainers visited the city for a few days. Her life until that point had been colorless and full of labor. She ended up running away, only being discovered as a stowaway in the back of a wagon after they were miles away from Sunberth. They had no choice but to take her in. So she learned the trade, becoming a fine dancer and tumbler over the course of her life with the troupe.

Dahlia eventually set off to form her own group with the means to do so. She'd struck some luck and come across a bard and storyteller who joined her, but within a few years the bard fell ill and passed away, while she and the storyteller grew to loathe each other. Now Dahlia is in Cyphrus traveling in the caravans in the hope to find someone in the cities here - anyone. Though, her desire to form an entertainment troupe has diminished considerbly after 5 years of luckless travel.

Name: Sorgar
Race: Akalak
DoB: Summer 80th, 502AV (10)
PoB: Riverfall
Title: Student
Skills: Leadership 15, Carving 10, Observation 7
Additional Info: Sorgar is the informal leader of his group of friends, and leads them on adventures, and occasionally into trouble. He’s shown a young aptitude for carving, and often, usually while in trouble, carves small toys out of fallen branches. He and his friends frequent the Zhongjie Warrens, where the press of people often obscures their hijinks, or covers their getaways.

Name: Tortuga, a.k.a. "The Bearded Man"
Race: Human
DoB: Unknown, appears to be in his late-forties
PoB: Unknown, but has made mention to a youth in Kalea
Title: None, but he is regarded as Haev Provedan's number three, behind Caracatas, and is the day-to-day commander of his mercenaries
Skills: Great Ax 53, Leadership 45, Brawling 39, Intimidation 30, Observation 50
Gnosis: Unknown
Additional Info:

Tall, broad and muscled like a miniature Akalak, the stoic and taciturn Tortuga is the field commander of Haev Provedan, slaver kingpin of Riverfall. It's his job to keep the men at Rattling Chains occupied and organized, not to mention leading them in raids and ambushes across the Sea of Grass. Tortuga is known only by his first name, and he does not often volunteer it. Deep blue eyes stare out at the world from above a thick bushy beard, full of suspicion and cynicism. He does not speak often, but rumors suggest he's been a sellsword and mercenary for most of his life, finally "settling down" in Provedan's service. He's not as young as he was, but don't let the expanding belly or beard fool you: he's still capable of wielding the six-foot ax strapped to his back with chilling precision, and in his trade, you don't survive to be old without being a cunning, merciless monster when you have to...

Name: Yakob, a.k.a. "The Burned Man"
Race: Human
DoB: Unknown, but appears to be in his mid-thirties
PoB: Unknown
Title: None
Skills: Sword (Bastard) 45, Brawling 37, Observation 40, Medicine 29
Gnosis: None
Additional Info:

A quiet and watchful figure among Haev Provedan's sellswords, Yakob's fearsome appearance probably has a lot to do with that. Half of his face is... melted, for want of a better word, horrifically burned by some accident or enemy a long whole ago. He does not speak of the event, and after seeing him wield his sword in battle, most don't press the inquiry. Yakob has been working for Provedan for several years, and serves not only as a hired sword but also as a rudimentary healer when his group is abroad and raiding. Though not a trained healer, he can ably stitch up or patch up gashes and cuts, as Razkar of the Shorn Skulls has found out several times. Wry, intelligent and cautious, he's a follower, not a leader, but his experiences have made a man to whom survival is paramount, and betrayal is a constant risk...

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