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Edion DayTurner

Postby Edion DayTurner on May 4th, 2013, 10:48 pm

Edion Dayturner


Race: Human

Gender: Male

Age: 21

Birthday: 492AV. Spring. 29th.

Birthplace: Ravok


Edion is a standard height for his breed, the zenith of his form reaching as high as 5.9 when standing at the maximum length that his spine allows. The build over all is that of a fairly fit man although he lacks any real muscle compared to train military solders or body builders but despite the gap in such a comparison he still offers a array of rough edges and leaned lumps that travel down his frame in the most common areas of a typical human male.

Edion may have some sort of respectable build to him but to counter this is a fairly poor complexion and the apparent evident of a body on the way due to lack of regular exercise or proper feeding. Rough edges and some hills of muscles persist upon his arms and legs with but a weak pair of slabs on his chest that are half sunken back into his flesh while his belly remains a bit untuned yet curved inwards. Clear bones show at multiple points on his limbs and frame, in fact it can be a little hard to really tell what are growths of strength and what is his metabolism showing in places like his triceps and shoulders.

Dayturner skin is rather pale to the point that it has a slight dilution of blue lurking about within his textures, giving a look of someone who is partially ill or at least been over exposed to a much colder land than Ravok. The only real saving grace that paints his flesh, specifically his face and hands/ legs and neck are a bit more tanned than someone whom hails from colder areas.

His hair is a hangs lower than his ears while colored in a flaming orange, giving him a set of intrusive colors upon his scalp that shines profusely like that of gold getting kissed by the sun. He normally wears a backwards goblin cap, colored in the typical leaf green to hide his head of hair, meaning only small remnants of locks leak through. The cap hangs its pointy end by the side of his head as typical.

Finally Edion has a pair of venomous green orbs that always seem to be widen and observant in a stance of constant vigilance and hyper expression. A glint and flicker of movement from thing to another is not uncommon to them although those movements are subtle and minute. A bright flame of youth and alertness is the escort to his observers.

Weight: 63 KG.

(A+ if you caught the reference in his appearance)

Character Concept

Edion is a traumatized man who expenses his energy in discharging his fears by applying specific environmental and social conditions, these conditions require other people and normally a number of resources which forces his neurosis to deliver him into the path of speech craft. As a fear driven individual he seems energetic and maybe even over expressive in his movements and gestures to the point that he can come off as mentally afflicted to some...and they would be correct. Edion is prone to acting out of irrationality, fear and agitation when the preset social or environment conditions have been removed or are in the state of being disturbed in some way or another which makes him dangerous and almost open to all forms of securing these conditions in anyway he can, including things that may demean his own or other peoples characters.

The specific conditions Edion require is that he has at least one sentient party member near him at all times who is incapable of practicing magic or if they are capable of practicing magic show almost radical devotion to him as a party member out of attraction or either admiration for him but will not stop gathering people even if this condition is meet, in fact he could be considered a hoarder of personalities. The environmental condition is that there is always some form of light or items capable of producing light, tactile feedback as well as sound are also appreciated. Once again, he will hoard these if he can.

Edion may only suffer from potential panic attacks and odd behavioral spurts when his environmental specifications are taken away or under threat but when a third party or the individuals themselves attempt to remove or threaten the social needs he has placed he is more than willing to unleash any form of action to retain them which may include or not include: Negotiation, bribery, lying both big and small, black mail, emotional abuse, intimidation, physical abuse(rarely), feigning romantic interest and impersonating organization/contacts or people that he thinks will assure the person extended presence. Before resorting to these he will utilize as much speech craft and charm he can to put forward a genuine bond of interest between him and his social host.

When Edion loses his social contacts and his environmental requirements he will fall into a schedule of behaviors:

Lack of light: Hard time breathing/ dizziness/ mild panic attacks. (exaggerated by the following conditions. Always intensified in large open areas with hard to determine parameters)

Lack of sounds anywhere nearby: Muttering to himself at a constant pace along with the previous conditions.

Lack of anything to hold while in a state of darkness: Fumbling about, increased desire to move. Obtaining objects and repeatedly feeling them, even if he takes objects that he knows belongs to another person.

Lack of anyone to talk to while in darkness: Edginess. Periodic paranoia, irrational thoughts. Loose associated ideas that he is going to fade away without others to comfort him.

Loss of sensory options: Complaints and rapid leaps in the delusion that the void is claiming him piece by piece.

Appearance of known voiders or mages with the ability to void: trust issues, moderate paranoid thoughts. Intensified reactions and emotional control issues.

Actual sighting of void portals of any nature: Intense panic attacks, normally followed by all the stated issues up above. Can sometimes if not calmed down fall into mild hallucinatory episodes that involve tactile reduction/ hearing reduction(followed by complaints that he can't feel or hear the air), mistaking anything like shadows and darkness as natural void "growths" seeking to capture him.

If he enters a panicked state even though he has others around him or even lights nearby or visually present he will make exclamations and statements that he suffering from Voiding overgiving and that he feels pieces of his innards being taken away.

It is easy to see as Edion as an evil and vile man, a fellow directed by malice and personal self interest born of his own delusions but to fall into this line of thinking is to dismiss the aspects that make Edion act in such a way, to assume he is truly evil and nefarious out of his own calculative thought would be an intellectual lazy way to dismiss him, a fast justification to abandon him to his own issues. This is not say that Edion may not be deservant of someone who acts like he does but to do so under the guise that he knowingly and willingly does such things with glee would be such an ill act as his own.

Edion, believe it or not does have a sense of morality and a sense of empathy and sympathy for others at times, being as social as he is he prefers to lure people with civil discourses and charm rather than leap to soft encagement via external or psychological means. He may truly enjoy peoples company but his own neurosis makes navigating his intentions from one another a task. Willing to do evil out of instinctual fear and disorders rather than actual directed thought and formulated opinions he often finds himself in moral dispute with himself. When the conditions he needs to function normally are in place he well do genuine good deeds both towards strangers and his party members, even going to and beyond self sacrifice.

However, it is up to people to decide when Edion does something for his own perceived security or because his moments of clarity and good character(if there is one at all in there) tell him to.

In short. If you want a character concept. I wanted to make someone who would 1: Enforce definitely that I will interact with others a lot 2: Provide something interesting to him 3: Blur the line of a good person and a bad person, while clearly offering a good chance for others to gain development of their own by dealing with such a confusing character stance in the victim/ aggressor-good/ evil/neutral chart.Meaning actual thought and display of how characters mental narrative deal with such a character and his antics, how they catalog him and so on.

Character History

At a young age Edion grew up in a relatively normal household for the citizens of ravok, while no major devotion was really shown to the god or the voice-at least not the type of devotion that would be considered extreme or major by the typical ravok inhabitants standard- they none the less respected and paid their dues to the forces within the kingdom like anyone else. They held no real desire to over throw the kingdom from it's current political or religious beliefs and pretty much his youth was as standard and un-eventful as you can get. Edion was home schooled by his mother in basic writing and mathematics and his father bought him up as an apprentice in the art of masonry until he reached the age of 13 where he started to use his spare time to look up magic careers, it wasn't a main hobby but a passing interest that gripped him until the age of 18 where he worked as a assistant for his father in construction.

When Edion came of age to leave home he decided to try and apply to a local known small lab of a moderately respected wizard, while the new teacher that took him on was hardly anyone of true renown or notability he was a practitioner of both world and personal magic which meant that he could offer Edion a bit of diversity in his teachings although he was not the only student. In total it was a school class worth of assistants at first all in a trial phase whom would only get accepted under the masters wing after displaying their abilities in both of these magic to a satisfactory extent.

Edion lasted one month before dropping out. Originally he was considered on the list of those most likely to get in but when it came to the demonstrations in the ways of void magic DayTurner voluntary left of his own free will. The sight of a place of total none existence and blackness caused Edion to have an intense psychological break along with an existential crisis, forfeiting his religious practices that his family kept together. His constant breathless states along with his periodic confusion made him a liability in masonry circles and he soon found that both his magical career and his masonry one was both severed from him with little chance of repair.

He had other concerns though, the fear and trauma was still very much present and he required safety outlets which started his travel down the road of speech craft, the same speech craft he used to make money by either tricking people, compelling people to pay for him or out right selling stories at bars and inns. Normally he would latch himself onto a group and thus get free items by basically leeching off them or providing odd moments of charismatic aid for the party. He has also in the past feigned romantic interest or seduced people and used them to pay for himself. He did throughout several occasions obtain minor jobs and he genuinely tried to get back into the work force, not proud or content of acting parasitic in any form but due to his condition he ended up being a liability and his speech craft only earned him so many chances before getting fired.


Fluent Language: Common
Basic Language: N/A
Poor Language: N/A


Skill Total Proficiency
Seduction 10 Novice
Acting 30(RB) Competent
Persuasion 15 Novice
Story Telling 10 Novice


Lore of Ravok Layout
Lore of Ravok Culture


1 Set of Clothing
-Simple Shirt
-Simple Pants
-Simple Undergarments
-Simple Cloak or Coat
-Simple Boots
-1 simple green Goblin Hat
1 Waterskin
1 Backpack which contains:
-Comb (Wood)
-Brush (Wood)
-Balanced Rations (1 Week’s Worth)
-1 eating knife
-Flint & Steel
100 Gold Mizas


Location: Ravok

House: Harsh times has ensured that a stable income is not possible, thus he rents and sleeps where and when he can(homeless)


Purchase Cost Total
Starting 0 600 GM

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