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Aidan Sutter

Postby Aidan Sutter on May 14th, 2013, 2:14 am

Aidan Sutter


Date of Birth: 24th of Fall, 587 AV
Age: 25
Hair Color: Brown
Eye Color: Blue
Height: 6’
Weight: 170 lbs


Well well, what do we have here? Trying to sneak a little peek at my particulars, are you? I suppose introductions are in order if we‘re to be friends. Only fair considering you’ve come all this way just to say hello. And I’m not the sort who likes to keep company waiting. Not when the menu has yours truly stamped all over it like fingerprints on a strumpet‘s thigh. Mum taught me to be a better host than that. So make yourself comfortable, I’ll pour some tea, and we can get down to it. My little hole in the wall is your little hole in the wall.

Name’s Aidan Sutter. I prefer to keep things light, so Aidan will do if you fancy calling me out in a crowd. Plenty of others seem to take pride in surnames. I was never one of them. I mean really, what good’s a second name, you know? Just a way to identify you if the author’ties come sniffing around. “Which Aidan are you? Sutter? Come with me…” No thank you. Not that I’m a wanted man in these parts, or very difficult to find. Far from it. But when you come from Sunberth, anon’mity has a certain power to it that just might save your skin one day. You can thank my father for that bit of advice.

I cook for a living, so pleasing others has always been my business and my pleasure. If I can’t charm your heart, then maybe I can convince your stomach. Seems the lot of us are all hed’nists anyway, so why not just accept the meal before you consider slicing me from ear to ear? Oi, beg pardon… Bad habits are hard to break, and such talk doesn’t befit our little parlay. Sunberth left its mark on me, if you couldn’t tell, though you wouldn‘t find it on my skin. Enjoying your tea? Good.

Where was I? Right. Cooking. I’m always intrigued by new faces, yours especially. But they have their own stories, their own recipes from wherever one hails from. If you give me the time, I’ll try to recreate that bit of home for you. It’s the least I can do, you visiting me like this. Just need to run to the market and pick up some things. Maybe after that we can head to the local tavern and grab ourselves a drink? Swap stories? Dance a little? It would be a shame to waste a good night such as this with me just dawdling on.

What? Oh these? Kind of you to notice. Just some charms and trinkets I keep pressed to my heart. I wouldn’t call it worship, but if there’s a god or goddess that would listen, why not give it a try? Let’s see… We have… Ovek of course. You’d be hard pressed not to find a ‘Berthan praying to this fellow before they roll the dice and throw away a season’s wages. Rhaus: Music, like food, has a soul of its own that I can appreciate. Give me a lute or ask me to sing though, and I’m as clumsy as an ox. Heh.

And here’s Nysel. Some of my best creations came from dreams y’know, so it would just be rude not to. Ah yes, Caiyha: where would I be without her gifts to fuel those dreams? And this last one here is Kelwyn. Perhaps the pair you could claim me as a loyal servant to if there ever was one. I didn’t always have it this easy. Not that my tale is a sad one, and not that where I am is high society. Just look around you… But that story is for another place and another time. Let’s just say, I wasn’t always so blessed as I am.

Ah, I can hear your stomach growling. I apologize if the smell is the culprit for it. If I’m not sleeping, working, or gallivanting about, I’m cooking. There’s a steak and kidney pie in the oven. I think I got all the ingredients right this time, but there’s only one way to tell for sure. Would you care for some? I know I promised you a meal from home, but I’d be honored if you gave me an opinion on this before I set about gathering the ingredients for our little supper for two. Just wait right here…


How‘s that pie? It’s hard to find a good cut of beef on my wages, but the other ingredients are easy enough to come by, if you know what you’re looking for…

You know, the very beginning is where most people would start when they’re asked to retell their life story. “I was born in a quaint little cottage by the sea, and my father and mother-dearest loved me unconditionally…that was until they were brutally murdered by brigands…” Petch that! Pardon the interjection, but I say if you really want to get to know someone, you find them at their weakest moment and see what they’re made of. Desperation sheds light on the soul’s true colors, as it were.

Perhaps some are snakes who cower in the shadows when the going gets tough. Maybe others are brave fools who sacrifice life and limb for ideals they aren’t even certain truly exist. Now, that’s putting it in pretty black and white terms. Most of us are in the gray, I think. But you catch the meaning of what I’m trying to say here. Some of us may be disappointed in what we find and hope to change it. Others might see what they do and burst at the seams with joy. Me? Ah, it’s hard to say at this point. I’d like to think I made the right decision, but only time will be the great benefactor of that.

Can I get you anything else? This might be a bit of a long winded story since this is my first time telling it, so any refreshment I can offer is yours for the asking…Certainly.

Now then, moments. My moment came to a head when I was sixteen years of age. A bit young in retr’spect. Before that it was your average Sunberthan life. My mother was a seamstress and my father was an alcoholic gambler. That second bit will become more relevant as this story goes on, so keep your finger pasted on that little anecdote.

He wasn’t always that way, though. Some of my earliest memories of him are filled with joyful moments where he gave a shyke about who he was and what he did. To this day I still think of him as a good man. His heart is in the right place you know, but his mind and body have slowly deteri‘rated over time. Maybe that’s why I pour all that I have into my cooking. Seems to satisfy both quite well when done right. Ah, but I‘m rambling. Forgive me that indulgence.

You’re interested in my story, right? Well, back then I was working as a cook whose cli’ntele mostly consisted of members from The Daggerhand. They were a ruthless bunch of thugs whose brutal way of doing business could make your blood run cold. They didn’t bother my family; mostly because I was un’tentionally working for them, and my father hadn’t found his way into their pockets…yet.

Hm? No, I did not choose to work for them. It sort of just happened that way. Hard to say ‘no’ when there’s a dagger pointed at your throat, which with their reputation, made it unnecessary to actually use one. That was the sort of power they had. Frightening and awe-inspiring ran par’llel with one another. Plus, they paid well. So it wasn’t like I was told they would murder my mum if I refused. They were certainly capable of such atroc’ties, but they weren’t so daft to deny that I had some use, neither.

I even managed to keep my spirits in good order despite their dark affairs. I was happy to cook for people, after all. I was learning new things every day. Started out low, of course. Smelled like baked bread for all of five seasons. You might suspect that to be a good thing, right? Not so when it becomes your entire world. But very few are actually tempted to bite the hand that feeds them, especially one whose hand is so charming and dependable as mine.

I got smacked around every once in awhile when my tongue was excessively sharp as you can probably guess, but I never had to fear for my life. Not until that little moment I alluded to in the beginning.

Like I was saying before, my dah’ turned into a bit of a gambler when life got rough on him. He managed to lose two season’s worth of my mother’s wages in a single day to some members of the…? You guessed it: Daggerhands. Only he didn’t have two season’s wages to spend, right? My family weren’t exactly poor, but we were much farther away from being wealthy, too. So the thugs roughed him up a bit and left him beaten and bruised in a dark alley somewhere for me to fetch him. They certainly didn’t want him to die. How would they get their money if they jimmied a shiv between his ribs? That sort of thing was left to men who couldn’t pay their debts a second time, or men who didn’t have a son in their employ.

Well it turned out that these thugs already had an idea in mind to get the money my dah’ owed them. They wanted it stolen, but the problem with stealing in Sunberth often involves a matter of transportation. And when you transport stolen coin in Sunberth of the sort we’re talking about, someone is bound to figure out something’s off and make a pass for it. And gods help you if the person that wants it is the same person you stole it from. But these thugs were a might bit more clever than your average muscle. They had a plan, and it just so happened to involve me.

Remember me telling you about all that bread I baked for five seasons? Well I’d gotten quite good at it. So good in fact, that I could make three dozen loaves in a bell without breaking a sweat. Hardly something to puff your chest feathers at, but when you start to hate what you do, you figure out ways to make the task set before you go faster. That’s what I did. Apparently the thugs saw this as an opportunity to make a lot of coin disappear in a very short time. Clever if you think about it, though asking a boy to make enough dough to feed a small army for a day so it could be baked elsewhere in the city might have been stretching it.

Of course at the time I knew none of this was going on. I figured they must have been short staffed at another location and wanted me to pick up the slack for them. I knew my father owed the Daggerhands some money, but I just assumed they would be making him pay them back with interest as soon as my mother and I made up the difference. I had no idea they actually wanted to stash a heist’s worth of gold into some sourdough, have me bake it, and then have my father transport it for them to a secure location. That way he was taking all the risk while the thugs would gobble up the reward.

That wasn’t to say the thugs didn’t have a job set for them. If there’s one thing oafish muscle can do well, it’s roll over on a carriage carrying gold mizas. And that’s exactly what they did as my father and I waited for them in another part of town. I think my dah’ knew what was going on at the time, but I certainly didn’t. I had my doubts, of course. It hardly made sense for me to have to go to this other oven in an obscure location, wait for a shipment of something else to arrive, and then get to work. But asking questions can get you killed in a town like Sunberth, so I kept my bleeding trap shut.

The thugs eventually arrived carrying two small crates worth of jingling coin. A few hundred mizas in total if I had to guess, though I was never that good with numbers. Amounts? Yes. Numbers? No. But when I saw the coin, I realized what all the dough was for. Rather than waste time questioning the efficacy of such a venture, and finding myself in a heap of trouble, I set to work. My dad and I stuffed coins into the center of each loaf and then placed them into the oven. The thugs had supplied a push-cart for my dad to use to deliver the coin, but that would be the last we saw of them. If things were going to go bad, they wanted no part in it obviously.

And that’s where the moment came. It wasn’t a call heralded by gilded horns and a chorus of Ethaefal. It was a simple matter of choice. After putting all the pieces together, I could tell that the situation looked pretty grim from where my dah’ was. There was a good chance if someone even sniffed the bread, they’d catch the scent of oiled coin as well and be on him like a pack of murd’rous wolves. He may have made his share of mistakes in his life, but he didn’t deserve to die over it. So I made a bargain. I took my dah’s lost cause and made it my own.

Now perhaps you can see why I favor Kelwyn so much…

It wasn’t easy convincing him. I think he was just as scared of his own death as I was though, and I couldn’t let him take the plunge. Not over something I viewed to be a trifling matter like this. That was when I forced him to keep half the take and retrieve my mother. They were then to book passage on a boat as far away as the seas would take them and start a new life.

I can’t sit here and tell you that they actually made it. That was the last I saw of them, truth be told. Didn’t even get to bid farewell to my mother. But I’d like to think my father had enough sense in him to listen to his only son and make a run for it. He had a good heart, like I said before, and I prayed for Kelwyn’s good graces to help him find safe passage. I’m an optimist, if you haven’t picked up on that yet, so you already know what I think happened with them. What do you…? Nah, don’t tell me.

I suppose the hour is getting late. You should finish up that pie. I’ll have to… Me? Well I’m here, aren’t I? So obviously I made it out. In fact, I doubt they suspected my hand in it. Let’s just say I left a trail of bread crumbs to a few dead ends, and there’s a good chance they think I’m already dead. I may not have much use for schol’rly pursuits, but I can think on my feet when need be. Come on, that tavern is calling our names.


Cooking :: 30/100 :: Competent :: 15RB, 15SP
Food Preservation :: 14/100 :: Novice :: 14SP
Negotiation :: 11/100 :: Novice :: 11 SP
Busking :: 10/100 :: Novice :: 10 SP

Lore & Language

Fluent in Common
Conversational In Fratava
Poor In Kontinese
Lore of Sunberth Cuisine
Lore of Basic Cooking Utensil Use


Week of Food
Chef Toolkit
Cooking Pot, Gallon
Eating knife
Large Cooking Spoon
Rolling Pin
Preserving Kit
16" Pan / 16 oz.
Cutting Board
Set of Plain Clothing
Plain Coat
High Leather Boots
Wool Vest
Leather Belt
Linen Apron
5 copper necklaces
3 silver rings
Flint & Steel
20x20 Apartment
Couch, Good
Dresser, Average
Wash Basin, Good
Cupboard, Good


Apartment Layout (20x20) in Syliras :


Expenses Add/Loss Total
Starting Package +100 GM 100 GM
Leather Belt -4sm 99 GM 6 SM
Linen Apron -3sm 99 GM 3 SM
5 Copper Necklaces -2gm 5sm 96 GM 8 SM
3 Silver Rings -9gm 87 GM 8 SM
Chef Toolkit -10gm 77 GM 8 SM
Cooking Pot, Gallon -3sm 77 GM 5 SM
Large Cooking Spoon -2sm 77 GM 3 SM
Tongs -2sm 77 GM 1 SM
Rolling Pin -2sm 76 GM 9 SM
Preserving Kit -5gm 71 GM 9 SM
16" / 16 oz. Pan -4cm 71 GM 8 SM 6 CM
Cutting Board -2sm 71 GM 6 SM 6 CM
Couch, Good - 6gm 65 GM 6 SM 6 CM
Dresser, Average -2gm 63 GM 6 SM 6 CM
Wash Basin, Good -5gm 58 GM 6 SM 6 CM
Cupboard, Good -4gm 54 GM 6 SM 6 CM
Living, Spring -45gm 9 GM 6 SM 6 CM
Destitution! -9gm 6sm 6 cm Broke

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