[Wind Reach Quest - Closed] Storms Unknown

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The westernmost tip of Kalea, Wind Reach is home to an amazing group of people and their giant eagle mounts. [Lore]

[Wind Reach Quest - Closed] Storms Unknown

Postby Shayth on July 7th, 2010, 7:52 am

Shayth listened carefully as both Lyra and Cyrill spoke, nodding in agreement at the comment about the night watch. She was right, what need had there ever been? Perhaps they had been too lenient in the past, at least now they knew better.

When of course they found the vial.

So an ethaefal...Shayth had heard of these creatures from some of the older riders. Fallen from grace, forever bound by the deity they were sworn to. Seemed like a lonely existence. For a moment, her features softened and she moved her arms to rest them casually on her hips. All the while, she was relaying information to the bird outside. Turiska still held suspicions about the horned creature, but kept her remarks to herself.

"True, its not like you can just walk out carrying the vial in your backpack. It's fluid, and fragile." She jumped slightly as the same young dek from before ran into Cyrill. There was a look to him as he glared up at the other woman. A fear in his eyes. It may have been simply from running into a higher class inarta, fear of punishment, or it could have been something more. Looking down at the boy, Shayth frowned.

"Fragile..." A thought entered her mind, but she bit her tongue for now. There were more questions she wanted to ask the cleaner.
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[Wind Reach Quest - Closed] Storms Unknown

Postby Cyrill on July 7th, 2010, 3:48 pm

Cyrill’s head jerked back slightly as a boy bumped into her, apologizing quickly.

“Don’t worry about it,”
she started to say dismissively, but stopped midway.

The dek looked positively scared. For a second when their eyes met, she was sure she saw an irrational, desperate fear in his gaze. The kind of fear one would see in a small animal, just as an eagle swooped down to catch it. It knows its life is finished and yet, it doesn’t give up hope until the eagle’s talons have torn through its skin.

She tilted her head to the side, examining the boy as he looked at her. The fear seemed to have receded, but it was still there, hiding in the depth of his eyes.

“What are you so afraid of, boy?” she asked, bluntly. “What is it that you’re hiding?”

It was like blowing a piece of glass. Sometimes, you needed to work long and hard on blowing just the right amount of air into the glass. Other times, it was best to concentrate a gust of air into one quick breath.
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[Wind Reach Quest - Closed] Storms Unknown

Postby Lyra on July 10th, 2010, 8:08 pm


From what Cyrill said there were only two options: Either one of the Dek or an outsider passing through had taken the Stormvial. The latter would have a better motive because they didn’t rely on whatever the object did for the resident Inarta. But the Dek would have better knowledge of the place and be better organized in case they had planned stealing it before. Lyra really hoped that the matter wouldn’t boil down to a conflict between the Dek and the higher castes. The situation was difficult enough as it was now, or so she thought.

When the Dek called Scratch was caught and interviewed by an older man, Lyra’s attention turned to that conversation. It revealed another aspect of the Inarta culture to her, one of the darker aspects in fact. Everything negative about Wind Reach’s society seemed to relate to the Dek caste. They were slaves to the higher castes, and nobody seemed to consider that wrong or inhuman. Perhaps Dek weren’t even considered human? She had heard about similar cases somewhere, but couldn’t remember where and when. A long time ago maybe. What the Dek said though, was of importance. If one of his companions or he himself had their hands in the theft, he would certainly know something about it. And, since the Dek took care of Wind Reach by night, it was very unlikely that he wouldn’t have noticed at least noises or caught a glimpse of the thief if it had been an outsider. Obviously Scratch was an important piece of the riddle.

When he was about to escape the scene, Lyra was halfway on the way of holding him back – when he suddenly bumped into Cyrill. Almost glad that he stayed in the room for another few chimes, she took a closer look at him. Her eyes narrowed.

Aquamarine liquid on his shoes. The tiny stains were barely discernable, but there was no doubt about their existence. It certainly was the same color and consistency as the spilled liquid on the floor which was the substance in the Stormvial. To Lyra, that discovery only assured her belief that Scratch played a crucial role in the matter.

From the corner of her eye, she caught sight of the other Inarta’s move. The following words relieved Lyra. So hot-tempered woman believed her! Hopefully they could now work together to solve the mystery as quickly and effectively as possible. She also noticed that an idea had come to the woman’s mind, but was too focused on her own ponderings for the time being.

In the meantime Cyrill questioned the boy about something she had apparently seen in his expression. Fear? In fact, Lyra cringed a bit at the blunt tone of the curl-haired Inarta. From her point of view the Dek had to be treated with respect and understanding. Most appeared afraid enough to tell whatever the opponent of a higher caste wanted to know just to get away quickly.

When kneeling down in front of the boy Lyra hoped that she was doing the right thing. She thoughtfully touched the stains at his shoes, examining the liquid, but more importantly pointing it out to the others. “Scratch, please understand that nobody will do you any harm if you tell the truth and help us with solving the case. Now, it’d be very helpful if you could tell me where you got those stains from.” She didn’t want to give him another good excuse, but she started to wonder if it had been an accident. Perhaps a Dek had destroyed the Stormvial and hid the pieces because he or she was afraid of the punishment?
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