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Dalavesta Stalinsa

Postby Dalavesta Stalinsa on February 8th, 2014, 1:37 am

Dalavesta Stalinsa




Race: Human
Gender: Female
Age: 26
Birthday: 37th Summer, 495 AV
Birthplace: Syliras


Shoulder length reddish-brown hair, often tangled or greasy, frames adequately attractive features. Several thin braids can be found dotted throughout, sowing an attempt at looking decent without much heart. Her jawline is soft and at its tip can be found a pointed rather than square chin. Sharp features are finished with deep set eyes of slate grey, looking out from dark circles. Scars cross her face diagonally, reminders of the attacks that stranded her in Sunberth, healed now but visible.

Standing at 5 foot 7 inches she is not overly tall, and her build is of the lean but muscled variety - evidence of a strict training regimen in the past but thinner now due to hard times. Reasonably curved in figure, but it is usually hidden under her clothing and armour as a shield to the world. Almost never goes anywhere without her armour – arming doublet underneath a chain shirt and pieces of leather armour, such as pauldrons and greaves, mashed together for protection – and her longsword poking over her right shoulder. Usually has various daggers about her person.


A couple of broken fingernails (Persistent injury, will need to be seen by a healer) - not yet healed

Character Concept

Dalavesta - or 'Ves' – has reached her mid-twenties having fallen far further down than where she started at birth. Once from a proud Syliran lineage, practically exiled and disowned she has lost everything. Brought up with stories of honour, courage and self-sacrifice, her views on these have changed from naïve, to a cynicism born from personal experience.

A deep sense of shame fills her when she thinks about her training and her abandonment of it. She hates herself for bringing shame to the name of Stalinsa, and her dreams of ascending to the heights of the Order and mimic her much loved Patriarch are shattered, her future destroyed by her own hand and lustful desires uncontrolled.

Uncomfortable around others when it comes to deep emotion, she is not overly sure about being close to others on that level. She will, however, quite happily drunkenly dance and tumble int he sheets, something she has taken to as a way of numbing herself. Her time in Sunberth has made this progressivelyworse, the things she has had to do just to survive are a dark mark upon her heart, and a burden upon her mind.

Character History

Dalavesta's childhood held little in the way of negative impacts, explaining why she had an idealistic view of the world - Syliras is civilization, order and purpose. She had not had to deal with loss, like many other denizens of Mizahar, and as such took the view of youth that she is invincible. Her mother and father are both knights, still alive and well and gave much love to her when they had the time, and chance, to do so. She remembers with particular fondness the stories her father would tell her of valorous acts against the rising darkness ,as the stars shone and sleep enveloped her.

She was a Stalinsa, and so it was expected that she would join the Order - the family honour demanded that she become a Knight and serve with distinction. It was a minor branch of the bloodline but it was bred into her nevertheless, and what childish notions of other occupations she was possessed of were stamped out firmly, but gently.

What she now considers to be her past life began at the age of eight, when she was made page to a Knight of the Brock family line. Her tuition and development began, the shape of a squire being carved into her by successive masters of the Nigriso, Druva and Trema families. She remembers these years fondly, up until the traditional age of 13, and acknowledges the debts she owes to these guides in those days. She wishes she had paid greater heed to them.

At 13 she was squired out to another member of the Brock family, and the final journey began. That was not to last, however, falling victim to lustful tendrils. Falling head over heels for a young stable hand, a woman of rough means but beautiful of form, she was cast out of the order, once it became apparent that she no longer held its merits in prime regard. Disgraced, and scorned by her family, she was torn of her knight's equipment and tried to earn her way back into the family, to no avail. She was disowned of all but the sword she had been given many years past and told to leave Syliras so she could shame them no more with her presence.

Unable to reconcile herself with the fact that her disgrace was unassailable, she left Syliras, the only place she had ever known, and set out East with a caravan, at least able to earn her way as a guard of sorts. Disaster struck, the caravan overrun by brigands and the few who survived she led through the gates of Sunberth, into a darker place than she had ever known. With little to her name but what they had carried from the caravan and split equally, she fell onto difficult times, using everything she had simply to survive, seeking a path to redemption that seemed forever beyond her reach.

She has bene in Sunberth for 4 years now, slowly trying to build something for herself and figure out what the next steps upon her path should be. Alone and sorrowful, she has turned to drink and the whore houses many times, her old vows meaningless without the chance for regaining favour. She has scrounged enough to own a decent ten and set of belongings, somewhere to cell home, and new armour and weapons. With these things she hopes to build further, her destiny as yet hidden


Fluent Language: Common
Basic Language: Fratvata
Poor Language: Tukant


Skill EXP Total Proficiency
Weapon: Longsword 26 SP 26 Competent
Dancing 1 XP 1 Novice
Body Building 5 SP 5 Novice
Cooking 5 SP 5 Novice
Endurance 5 SP 5 Novice
Larceny 1 XP 1 Novice
Observation 1 XP 1 Novice
Seduction 1 XP 1 Novice
Socialization 1 XP 1 Novice
Unarmed Combat 15 RB, 4 XP 19 Novice
Wilderness Survival 9 SP 9 Novice


Breaking Away From An Attempted Kidnapping
Religion: Yahal
Sandy: The Gifted Whore
Seduction: Using A Sultry Tone
Sunberth Taverns Get Mean Around Festival Time
Unarmed: Blocking With Your Arm
Unarmed: How To Knee A Groin
Unarmed: Using Your Head As A Weapon
Unarmed: Using Your Teeth As A Weapon
Wilderness Survival: Starting A Fire


1 Set of Clothing
- Green Cotton Blouse
- Black Wool Breeches
- Linen Undergarments
- Dark Green Cloak
- Dark Brown High Leather Boots

Weapon Harness
Arming Doublet (Fine Wool, Chains/Buckles)
Chain Shirt
Leather Armour
2 x Dagger & Sheath

1 Waterskin

1 Backpack which contains:
- Comb (Wood)
- Brush (Wood)
- Soap
- Razor
- Balanced Rations (1 Week's worth)
- 1 eating knife
- Flint & Steel

1 large Tent (4 person)
Large Tarp
100 ft Rope (Hemp)
Flint & Steel
5 X Flask Oil
2 x Torches
1 x Sheep Skin (4ft x 8ft)
4 x Sheep Skin (2ft x 2ft)
Blanket (Winter)
Fishing Tackle & Hooks
Toolkit: Cook's
Table Set
Brazier (Elaborate)
2 x Cooking Utensils
Kettle (Iron)
Cooking Pot (2 Gallon)

100 Gold Mizas


Steel Longsword with a faded but stylised scabbard - an old family sword but still serviceable. Gifted by her grandfather.


Lives in the Tent City - Sunberth


Purchase Cost Total
Starting +100 gm 100 gm
Cash In Horse +250 gm 350 gm
Starting Kit - 152 gm 5 sm 197 gm 5 sm
Spring 522 SE -45gm 152gm 5sm

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