Flashback [Fallon] To Study Learning

An exchange of knowledge between Ruby and Fallon

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[Fallon] To Study Learning

Postby Ruby Majalenka on July 26th, 2014, 9:53 pm

Cursing her brain once more, it was only after the lady paid no more attention to Ruby that Ruby could analyze the situation. Before the conversation started, the lady seemed to treat the book as a private source of entertainment, which might range from a diary containing personal musings to... others. However the lady's moments of bashfulness was suspiciously close to an attitude of a child caught red-handed.

Lust makes the loves on the bed obsessed with getting and maintaining pleasure and in that brief moment of ecstasy, one's cognitive functions are stripped down to that of a child's. Sex is a child's game. With the added benefit of procreation.

However even with this slightly roundabout train of thought adequately reinforcing the conclusion of the lady reading erotic literature, it failed to explain why she would read...such thing in public. The standard procedure was to diss the idea and go with the second most probable excuse for Fallon's evasive behaviour, which was Ruby implying involvement with magic.

"W-wait !" she emotionally grabbed Fallon's arm and yanked her back. "I'm not lying !"

To tell the truth Ruby had been propagating this theory with a religious fervor stoked over time by people's reaction to the theory.

"Hear me." Her voice gradually rose in intensity, trembling more as she spoke. "A slight change of djed in the air could cause a wind saving a squire from a stray arrow. A slight change of djed in the clouds could change the weather and determine the outcome of a grand war. A slight change of djed underground could mean the difference between a volcano erupting or not. Djed forms the basic property of everything. Djed is change. Change is time. Time is existence." She was at this point half-screaming, tears welling on eyes that vented pent-up anger to the world rather than the lady before her. "Why is it so hard for you people to understand ? Can you at least give a reply other than dismission and evasion ? What will it take for you to listen for the sake of understanding and not just for the sake of reacting ?"

She was used to not being understood, but can never be used to indifference.
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