[The Watering hole]Home again (open)

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Not found on any map, Endrykas is a large migrating tent city wherein the horseclans of Cyphrus gather to trade and exchange information. [Lore]

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[The Watering hole]Home again (open)

Postby Raylin Sunsetfeather on October 14th, 2010, 12:12 pm

Raylin listned to the answer given to her, as well as the question that was posed. Her speculations about the woman getting water for herself and her strider were correct. Though there was a question in the back of her mind that she decided not to ask, or at least, not right now. How did she get that shade of green eyes?

"It depeneds on if it was specialy ordered item or just a item that we might sell on the shreet." Raylin answered, "We'll use molds for certain items like beads or glasses. We use free blowing if we want or need to make something unique. Those are always my favorite since thats mostly what my Mom taught me when we lived in Wind Reach."

Even though Wind Reach was probubly one of her least favorite places, it was still the place where she had been born and learned the craft that she loved so much. Though Endrykas would always have one thing that the volcanic town didn't, and that was horses.
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