Character Registry for Winter 514 AV

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A surreal cavern city inhabited by Symenestra where stones glow and streets are reams of silk. Cocoon like structures hang between stalactites and cascade over limestone flows in organic and eerie arabesques. Without a Symenestra willing to escort you, entrance is impossible.

Character Registry for Winter 514 AV

Postby Mirage on December 3rd, 2014, 6:16 pm

Character Registry

Hello, and welcome to the Kalinor registry for Winter of 514AV! It's about time we start seeing who is who in this town. But just so you know, the purpose of the registry is not only so I get a head count for the city, but also so I can get to know you better. You see, I treat these things as sort of a poll of your opinions. What do you want to see? What do you enjoy? What do you not enjoy? The more I know, the more fun I can create for you.

So go ahead and grab the form, fill it out, and post it below. Thanks!

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[b]Reason for being in Kalinor:[/b]
[b]Duration of stay:[/b]
[b]Like to thread about:[/b]
[b]Dislike to thread about:[/b]
[b]Need moderator assistance?:[/b]
[b]Is there anything you'd like to see/do in Kalinor this season?:[/b]

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Character Registry for Winter 514 AV

Postby Cassidee Junipher on December 4th, 2014, 9:38 pm

Name: Cassidee Junipher
Age/Gender: 20/Female
Reason for being in Kalinor: Resident/ Research into the Symenestra problem
Duration of stay: Life
Like to thread about:Open for most anything
Dislike to thread about: not really sure.
Need moderator assistance?: I would enjoy a modded thread.
Is there anything you'd like to see/do in Kalinor this season?: Exploration of Kalinor wild life maybe.
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