Aaliyah's Plotnotes

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Aaliyah's Plotnotes

Postby Aaliyah Tabr on December 18th, 2015, 5:10 am

Alright just typing this up quick now. I'll pretty it up later.

So, the Big Huge Plot for Aaliyah is that her twin brother Summat vanishes and she becomes intent on finding him.

She looks to the Aperture, going as far as enlisting - or becoming - a Night Walker to ask the deep darkness if it took him. As a trade, Aaliyah leaves her own shadow behind in the Aperture and brings an old, wild shadow into the light. I also talk about this here, but I'm doing this fast so I'm not gonna put time into restructuring this into anything coherent.

She gets over her distrust of magic and immerses herself in it, calling in every favor and pulling every string to be introduced to the wider mysteries of the world on the off chance that it'll shed some light on the mystery of her brother's disappearance.

After she's torn Nyka apart, she turns to the world at large.

Questionably possible: Before leaving Nyka, Aaliyah visits a master Maledictor and challenges him to create something that will help her find her brother. Using parts of Aaliyah and whatever else might be needed to make it work, the master builds some kind of compass or scryer that will help lead her to him. Being a master, he might be able to tweak the whole "use Malediction and part of a person to track that person" thing to track that person's identical twin, at least weakly.

I'd also like Aaliyah to leave Nyka with a sword. The blade is blessed by Uphis, and it would be cool if the hilt was made partially out of a finger of Aaliyah's sword hand, or that the blade was bound to her some other way. A proper legend needs a magic sword. One that gathers names and power as its wielder gathers names and power. The Wholemaker. The Finding Blade. A sword not for severing, but for bringing together.

Throughout her travels, different people try to capture or kill Aaliyah. The current working idea for why some people want to kill her and others want to take her is that Aaliyah and Summat were once a single soul. A Dominion mage-lord who commanded great swaths of the Ukalas and was one of the reasons the gods outlawed the practice. The mage was killed in the purge that followed, but for some reason - maybe the mage had planned for this and arranged and bound things so that they would rule their vast Dominion in death, maybe the mage trapped something great and powerful in their Dominion and bound it to their service - the gods decided that the mage wouldn't be reincarnated, and they wouldn't be allowed to walk any part of the Ukalas either. Their soul would be split in two, and they would be cast back into the cycle of reincarnation as twins.

The Ruv'na took Summat and meant to take Aaliyah as well. Once they have them both they intend to use them to reopen the mage-lord's Dominion, giving them a free and unbounded path to the Ukalas to strike at the gods.

Some of the people trying to kill Aaliyah (can't assume they'll be the only enemies she makes) want to stop this. Whether they've decided on their own or the gods put out some divine hit on Aaliyah and Summat, they intend to cast them back into the cycle of reincarnation and out of reach to the Ruv'na.

The first step to doing any of this will be to establish Aaliyah as a character. First, rad cool adventures in Nyka. If she's going to have all these awesome friends and awesome stuff she's gonna have to do awesome stuff. More importantly, I need to establish Aaliyah and Summat's relationship. I can't do this on some vague, undefined and unexplored sibling assumption - there has to be some substance here. There also has to be something in Nyka for her to leave.

Also I'm gonna need to apply for Summat as an NPC for Aaliyah. Also her father Saleh and her mother Unnamed. Also probably talk to Gossamer and Balderdash and just generally make sure this is at least partially kosher.

So much to do!
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