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Postby Faradae on December 21st, 2015, 12:21 am


General Facts

R A C E : Kelvic [ Black-chested buzzard-eagle ].
G E N D E R : Female.
A G E : Ten years. (Human Appearance: 30 years.)
B I R T H D A Y : Season of Spring, Day 65, 508 AV.
S T A R T I N G C I T Y : Nyka.
C U R R E N T C I T Y : The Wildlands.
B I R T H P L A C E : Nyka.
L A N G U A G E S : Avian (fluent), Common (fluent).

Appearance - Human
Outwardly, Faradae looks like a typical human being. She stands at a solid 5'7, give or take a hand span, with dirty brown hair and tanned skin, as typically seen among the inhabitants of desert-like regions.

Nothing about Faradae’s appearance gives away her bird-like nature. Her eyes are of an unusually dark brown hue, one that could be attributed to her avian side, but all the same is not so evidently inhuman it would convince less exotic citizens to change the roadside. Her hair, usually tied away in loose knots and braids, bears the slightest resemblance to ruffled feathers, but even those who know her well are hardly ever observant enough to catch this subtle irony.

Faradae’s features are even, scars have yet to mark her young face. High cheekbones and a defined jawline are the shaping properties, but her eyes, slightly tilted inwards and so dark the pupils are not visible, are what gives her a wild and mildly predatory finish.

The young Kelvic is of a delicate build, with long arms to resemble her wingspan and truly tiny feet.

Faradae’s animal form is that of the black-chested buzzard-eagle, otherwise known as aguja. Like any other female representative of the species, her body is approximately 2’2 ft long and covered in bluish to slate-coloured feathering around the head, back and chest. Her longest feathers are adorned with white tips, her wings are banded in the same light hue, giving her an air of opalescence. The bird’s waist feathering is completely white, contrasting the otherwise dark colour scheme beautifully. Faradae’s wingspread measures almost 6 ft and is perfectly suited to long, persistent gliding, but not so much to agile manoeuvring. Her eyes are dark brown like those of many birds of prey, her beak relatively large, curved, sharp and of a faded yellow colour.
Sharp eyesight aids her in seeking out her favourite prey - smaller birds, mammals and lizards. Her diet as a bird is purely carnal. Her hunter's instinct allows not only for gliding, but also sudden dives.

Character concept
Some of the greatest adventures are borne of curiosity, and Faradae’s story shall be no exception. This young Kelvic possesses an inquisitive and exploratory nature, partly fuelled by her childhood home, partly by character, partly by her nature, the latter two of which are hard to tell apart at times. The older she grew, the more her wish to set out and explore the unknown increased, turning her into an itchy and bouncy ball of feathers on more than one occasion. Since Faradae hardly has any acquaintances apart from her closest relatives, only time can tell how her reaction to societies and contact with different personalities will play out.
Despite her involuntary seclusion, Faradae values the fact that she is Kelvic, not human. The one thing on earth that she loves more than chasing the Unknown is the indescribable freedom of flying.


Kelvic children do not lead easy lives. The urge to form light bonds is strong, and only with her parents’ (Parakis and Vithe) guiding hands did Faradae succeed to grow up in her own way. She was born in Nyka, where mindsets are not as free as preferable in a civilized community. Due to Faradae’s rapid growth rate, her mother, Kelvic herself, quickly realized her offspring was not fully human, upon which she took her family and moved to a smaller and more rural community just outside the city walls, working in the fields that provided for Nyka's nourishment. The reclusion of nature and open space allowed for the child to freely develop both sides – human and bird, in the short years it took for her to reach maturity. Keeping her at bay certainly was no easy task, for a yen to see distant places drove the little girl early on. Not being allowed out of the supervision of her mother or father for even an hour frustrated her, even more so the strict prohibition to visit the city.

But being close to her parents had its perks - her childhood, albeit short, was time enough to gain emotional relations, basic education and a small set of extracurricular skills. From her mother, she learnt about her Kelvic nature, about instincts and the hardships of controlling them. Although not a bird like her daughter, her mother helped her develop the basic ability to survive as an animal, that is, in the wild, and hunt well enough to sleep with a full belly for most nights.
Her father gifted her with an entirely different way - he had been a sailor, long ago, before meeting his wife and settling in the city of Nyka. He had been navigator on a small merchant ship touring the oceans of Mizahar, and although his position had never been very glorious, he had many a story to tell. He tried teaching his daughter to read maps, but the little girl would pay more attention to tales about far-away lands and foreign people.

Nearing the end of the seventh year of her life, Faradae decided her time had come. She was fully grown, though not nearly as versed in the customs of the world, or even the very city she was born, to survive on her own without running into certain trouble. But Faradae decided to have none of it – she finally wanted to follow her inner instinct and see all the world had to offer.
So she took her leave from her parent’s home and headed for the gates of Nyka.

The city changed Faradae's perception completely - it opened her eyes to how big and colourful the world really is. Nyka alone seemed impossible to explore completely. She took a job for a delivery to Syliras, an encounter that sparked the idea for what she'd do for a living - inter-city deliveries. The journey was not easy, but she made it to Syliras and back faster than a caravan ever could. Faradae settled down in Nyka until summer 516 AV, when she flew back to Syliras and took sea passage to Alvadas on a vessel travelling the Syliras Route.

She spent a season in Ionu's city, but homesickness and a lack of close friends sent her on her way back to Nyka in winter. During a stop in Syliras, she heard of a star that had fallen from the sky somewhere to the north. Curiosity got the better of her, and she adjusted her route towards Ravok. On the way, she met a search party from Sahova looking for the same object she'd heard rumours of.

After the quest for the fallen star ended, Faradae spent a while in Sahova, before returning to Syliras and ultimately joining a caravan to Riverfall, once more driven by a sense of longing and a lack of be-longing.

4 linen shirts.
1 pair of breeches.
2 linen dresses. (1 x SP)
7 sets of undergarments. (1 x SP)
4 pairs of socks. (1 x SP)
1 pair of brown leather boots.
1 sturdy brown woolen cloak.

1 backpack.
1 waterskin.
1 set of toiletries (brush, soap).
1 eating knife.
Flint & Steel.



1 ring, given to her by her mother. The design is intricate, yet the metal is worthless. Only of sentimental value.

1 leather letter casing

A simple room in the Wolf's Cave in Alvadas.


Skill Value Total Level
Hunting 20 (SP) + 10 (RB) + 1 + 1 + 2 34 Competent
Observation 5 + 5 + 3 + 3 + 5 + 2 + 3 + 1 + 2 + 2 + 2 + 4 + 5 42 Competent
Acting 1 1 Novice
Acrobatics 1 + 1 2 Novice
Animal Husbandry 1 1 Novice
Botany 1 1 Novice
Carving 1 1 Novice
Cooking 1 1 Novice
Endurance 2 + 1 + 1 + 1 + 1 6 Novice
Escape Artist 2 2 Novice
Flirting 1 1 Novice
Intelligence 2 2 Novice
Investigation 3 + 4 7 Novice
Land Navigation 1 + 1 2 Novice
Larceny 1 1 Novice
Leadership 1 + 2 3 Novice
Logic 2 + 1 + 1 + 2 6 Novice
Mathematics 1 1 Novice
Medicine 1 1 Novice
Navigation 10 (SP) + 2 + 2 14 Novice
Negotiation 2 2 Novice
Persuasion 1 1 Novice
Philosophy 1 + 2 3 Novice
Planning 1 + 3 + 1 + 1 + 1 7 Novice
Rhetoric 1 + 4 + 2 + 1 8 Novice
Running 1 + 1 2 Novice
Scouting 2 2 Novice
Socialization 2 + 2 + 1 + 2 + 2 + 1 + 3 + 2 + 1 + 1 17 Novice
Subterfuge 1 1 Novice
Stealth 1 1 Novice
Tactics 2 + 1 + 1 4 Novice
Teaching 1 1 Novice
Tracking 5 (SP) 5 Novice
Unarmed Combat 1 + 2 3 Novice
Wilderness Survival (Marsh) 15 (SP) + 2 + 1 + 2 + 1 21 Novice


Lores on Skills
Acrobatics: Taking a fall
Acrobatics: Ducking an oncoming blow
Acting: Non-threatening posture
Animal Husbandry: Trying to calm a scared animal
Auristics: The Magical Art of Studying Auras
Cooking: How to make meat skewers
Endurance: Keep going by refusing to admit defeat
Flying: Gliding on higher air currents
Hunting: Identifying an opossum by sight
Land Navigation: Following illusions
Land Navigation: Going where feels right
Logic: Knowing when to stay out of the way
Medicine: Checking for injuries
Navigation: How to Read a Map
Navigation: Distance From Nyka to Syliras
Navigation: By the sun & stars
Navigation: Picking out landmarks as a guide
Planning: A niche in the courier profession to fill
Scouting: Using bird eye view to spot rest spots, fresh water and shelter
Scouting: Finding shelter from the storm
Stealth: Hide in the brush
Tactics: Changing forms to escape a foe’s grasp
Tactics: Diving on a foe to surprise attack from the sky
Tactics: Observing the surroundings to plan an attack
Tactics: Devising a course of action to stop the insect invaders
Unarmed Combat: Talons and beak
Unarmed Combat: Wing and beak attack
Wilderness Survival: Quality equipment is vital in the wild
Wilderness Survival: Hunting along the way
Wilderness Survival: Picking safe places to land and shift in a bog
Wilderness Survival: Seeking shelter; never in caves, never in the open
Wilderness Survival: Looking after your equipment
Wilderness Survival: Setting up a tent
Wilderness Survival: Wary of fires in forested areas
Finding a dry place to land amid swamps
Planning For a Long Trip
Knowing how to fly
Flying in a storm
Reading Guard Body Language
Ser Faircroft's Unique Fighting Style
Confessing an unpleasant truth
Taking clothes from laundry lines

Lores on Locations
Nyka: The Brutality of The Monks
Nyka: Aggressive Peacekeeping
Nykan Oddity #668: The Case of the Burning Snow
Location: The Nykan Docks
Location: The Cursed Bridge
Location: The Aperture
Layout: Nykan farmlands
City: Syliras
Alvadas-Lhavit: Changes from night and day quickly
Alvadas Illusions: Cities of Winter 516

Lores on People and Species
Alexander Faircroft: Squire
Alija: The aurist
Clyde, the almost paranoid man
Clyde can 'look' without his eyes
Suspicion: Clyde can see auras, magically
Faradae: Likes the hustle & buzz of Syliras
Faradae: Prefers flying to riding horses
Imass: A knight of syliras
Imass: The Akalak's tragic tale
Imass: A man of faith
Imass: Waiting on the wall
Imass: Easy to find in Nyka
Sayana, the multi-armed huntress
Ssanya: Short, snake changeling woman in Alvadas
Sylir: God of peace & civilization
Strange insect army: Appeared out of no where
Strange insect army: Split and multiply unnaturally
Strange insect army: Drawn to light
Strange mist creature: Physical characteristics
Strange mist creature: Takes the breath out of your lungs when touched
Vysia Prakmat: Stern, but courteous, innkeeper
Person: Armoured hunter of ‘Change-Bloods’
Pycons: People of clay
Yukmen: Monsters spawned of land
Zith: A race of vicious, furry, winged humanoid beasts
Race?: Like a snake, but larger

[tab=Job-Related, #858C9F,#040911]Delivery by bird is faster than by caravan
Courier: Natural job to have
Courier: Doesn't have to be impersonal
The mysterious red letter[/tab]
General Lores
High objects tend to be struck by lightning
No joys found in any city compare to flying
Rescueing a monk
Human form is much safer when in the presence of a huntress
Hypnotic Suggestion: This is a good, safe group that I want to stay with
Rumor: A star fell to the north
Owls can give directions, if you speak the language
Wild birds look down about domestic birds
Trees often provide tricky, and annoying, shadows
Luminous markings: Harmless to horses and can be seen in the dark
Luminous markings: What attracted the bugs?


Ledger SP
DatePurchase Income / Expense Total
21. Wint. 515 AV Starting Package + 100gm 100gm
21. Wint. 515 AV Lodging + 500gm 600gm
21. Wint. 515 AV 3 linen shirts - 3sm 596gm 7sm
21. Wint. 515 AV 2 linen dresses - 1gm 6sm 595gm 1sm
21. Wint. 515 AV 1 pair of woolen breeches - 1gm 2sm 593gm 9sm

Winter 515 AV
DatePurchase Income / Expense Total
28. Wint. 515 AV 1 letter casing, leather - 1gm 592gm 9sm
42. Wint. 515 AV 1 buzzard harness - 5gm 587gm 9sm
42. Wint. 515 AV dried goods (nuts and seeds) - 5sm 587gm 4sm
42. Wint. 515 AV a few slices of bread - 3cm 587gm 3sm 7cm
54. Wint. 515 AV job reward (Imass) + 40gm 627gm 3sm 7cm
90. Wint. 515 AV Living expenses Winter 515 AV; poor - 45gm 582gm 3sm 7cm
90. Wint. 515 AV Wages Winter 515 AV (courier) + 273gm 855gm 3sm 7cm

Spring-Autumn 516 AV
DatePurchase Income / Expense Total
- No threads, thus no seasonal expenses. - 855gm 3sm 7cm

Winter 516 AV
DatePurchase Income / Expense Total
1. Wint. 516 AV Living expenses Winter 516 AV; common -135gm 720gm 3sm 7cm
29. Wint. 516 AV Inn rent for a simple room at the Wolf's Cave inn for the rest of the season (64 days; 1sm/d) -6gm 4sm 713gm 9sm 7cm
81. Wint. 516 AV 1 apple -5cm 713gm 9sm 2cm

Spring 517 AV
DatePurchase Income / Expense Total
1. Spring 517 AV Living expenses Spring 516 AV; poor -45gm 668gm 9sm 2cm
12. Spring 517 AV 1lb of salted pork -5gm 663gm 9sm 2cm

Summer 517 AV
DatePurchase Income / Expense Total
1. Summer 517 AV Living expenses Summer 516 AV; common -135gm 533gm 9sm 2cm

Ledger Autumn 517 AV - Spring 518 AV
DatePurchase Income / Expense Total
- No threads, thus no seasonal expenses. - 533gm 9sm 2cm

Summer 518 AV
DatePurchase Income / Expense Total
1. Summer 517 AV Living expenses Summer 516 AV; common -135gm 398gm 9sm 2cm

Autumn 518 AV
DatePurchase Income / Expense Total
- No threads, thus no seasonal expenses. - 398gm 9sm 2cm


Threads Winter 515 AV
DateTitle Description Status Outcome
24. Wint. 515 AV Curiosity Killed the Cat Alija and Faradae meet and investigate burning snow and dogs leaping into the Aparture in Nyka. [Alija] completed Observation +5, Planning +1, Investigation +3, Socialization +2, Leadership +1, 6 lores
24. Wint. 515 AV On Soundless Wings and Silent Feet Carin and Faradae meet while hunting in the marshes. [Carin] discontinued -
28. Wint. 515 AV Fly Service Faradae meets Imass in Nyka and obtains a messenger task leading her to Syliras. [Imass] completed Observation +5, Socialization +2, Persuasion +1, Negotiation +2, Rhetoric +4, Navigation +2, Planning +3, Mathematics +1, 8 lores
29. Wint. 515 AV The Trials of Travel Faradae's journey to Syliras does not pass without obstacles. [moderated solo] discontinued Observation +5, Wilderness Survival +2, Running +1, Endurance +2, Hunting +1, Logic +2, Tactics +2, Stealth +1, 13 lores
38. Wint. 515 AV To Enter a City Faradae has a hard time entering Syliras, but Vivienne is there to help. [Vivienne] discontinued Observation +3, Rhetoric +2, Socialisation +1, Planning +1, 3 lores
39. Wint. 515 AV Messages on the Wings of an Eagle The fateful encounter between Faradae and Ball. [Ball] discontinued -
41. Wint. 515 AV Late Night Flight of Fancy It's not easy to find one's way around Syliras at night. Ser Faircroft picks her up. [Alexander] completed Observation +3, Socialization +2, Philosophy +1, Rhetoric +1, Flirting +1, 5 lores
42. Wint. 515 AV The Long Way Home In which Faradae braves another storm. [solo] completed Observation +2, Navigation +2, Logic +1, Planning +1, Endurance +1, Wilderness Survival +1, 9 lores, 1lb dried goods (nuts and seeds), a few slices of bread
54. Wint. 515 AV Wings of Nyka It's high time to pick up some payment. [Imass] discontinued Endurance +1, Planning +1, Observation +1, Logic +1, Socialization +1, Subterfuge +1, 3 lores, +40gm
55. Wint. 515 AV The One Where Someone Gets Injured What's that thing on the ground? Right. A monk of Uphis. [Sonya] discontinued Observation +1, Unarmed Combat +1, Acrobatics +1, Endurance +1, Socialization +1, Larceny +1, Medicine +1, Land Navigation +1, 4 lores
60. Wint. 515 AV Knock Knock Ultimately, nobody in Nyka can stay away from the knocker. [Gulle] discontinued -

Spring-Autumn 516 AV
DateTitle Description Status Outcome
- - - - -

Winter 516 AV
DateTitle Description Status Outcome
30. Wint. 516 AV Turbulence In which Faradae and Ssanya come to Alvadas - or is it Ravok? [Ssanya] discontinued Observation +4, Tactics +1, Running +1, 6 lores
45. Wint. 516 AV Globetrotters In which Fara and Kawari are stuck in a jungle. [Kawari] discontinued -
70. Wint. 516 AV The City Maze Fara's delivery of bad news to a lovely lady. [solo] completed Land Navigation +1, Observation +3, Socialization +2, 6 lores
81. Wint. 516 AV Letters and Birds In which Faradae and Phobius attempt to exchange deliveries. [Phobius] discontinued -

Spring 517 AV
DateTitle Description Status Outcome
12. Spring 517 AV To Old Shores Faradae wants to travel to Nyka, but changes her direction while passing Syliras. [solo] completed Observation +2, Socialization +1, Hunting +2, Wilderness Survival +2, 6 lores
29. Spring 517 AV Two Birds with One Stone Faradae stumbles into a merry party from Sahova. [Sayana, Clyde] completed Observation +2, Hunting +1, Escape Artist +2, Socialization +2, Teaching +1, Philosophy +2, Cooking +1, Carving +1, 7 lores
30. Spring 517 AV Murky Waters Fara and Clyde scout for the group. How to cross a river?. [Clyde] discontinued -
37. Spring 517 AV Catch a Falling Star And so begins the quest for the fallen star. [quest: Sayana, Clyde, Aerius] completed Observation +5, Scouting +2, Socialization +2, Leadership +2, Logic +2, Botanic +1, Acrobatics +1, Investigation +4, Tactics +1, Unarmed Combat +2, Intelligence +2, Endurance +1, Acting +1, Animal Husbandry +1, Wilderness Survival +1, 19 lores
38. Spring 517 AV Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star The party ventures deep into the old forest. [quest: Sayana, Clyde] discontinued fun!

Summer 517 AV
DateTitle Description Status Outcome
45. Summer 517 AV Under an Open Sky In which Fara and Ein meet in the Sahovan prairie. [Belugnir] discontinued -

Threads Autumn 517AV - Spring 516 AV
DateTitle Description Status Outcome
- - - - -

Summer 518 AV
DateTitle Description Status Outcome
19. Summer 518 AV I Have No Idea What's Going On A meeting of lost souls. [Azmere] discontinued -
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