OOC Info Yes! I Do Want To RP Playing With Superpowers!

This is the sign up thread for acquisition of superpowers. This is limited to Riverfall's plot 'The Powers of Winter' for 515 AV. If you are interested, post within to opt in and play in the city's plot.

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Yes! I Do Want To RP Playing With Superpowers!

Postby Vypec on February 10th, 2016, 9:15 pm

Ability: Shadow Synergy. Vypec can fuse with his own shadow to become a shadow being. He can then move around much as a ghost would, but with some limitations. He cannot blink at all, and he can only move through walls or objects that are at least partially shrouded in shadows. At night he is twice as fast in this form.

Night Stalking 2: Vypec's Shadow form gains the ability to teleport between shadows exactly like a normal second level Night Stalker.

Strengths: Vypec will have the ability to travel as a shadow, soundless and not bound by gravity. He will be able to scale walls without problem as well as move through walls that are in darkness.

Weaknesses: Though in this state he has no physical body, any attack with magic or weapons can do real damage to him when he returns to normal state. He cannot defend himself in this state either, as his weapons and body are made of shadow. The cost of this ability is the suppression of sight, hearing, and smelling. After Vypec reenters the normal form he will experience a period of suppressed sense that lasts as long as he was in the Shadow form. (I.e. If he spent 25 minutes in shadow form, he will experience blurred vision, deafness, and anosmia for 25 minutes)

Night Stalking 1 : Shadow Form limit is 1 hour.
Night Stalking 2 : Shadow Form limit is 2 hours.
Night Stalking 3 : Shadow Form limit is 3 hours.
Night Stalking 4 : Shadow Form limit is 24 hours!

(I added the high level Night Stalking purely for the sake of the ability)
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Yes! I Do Want To RP Playing With Superpowers!

Postby Gossamer on February 14th, 2016, 5:18 am

I liked that you tied this to Nightstalking. Approved!

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